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STO end game and PVP whats it like?

RaijukinRaijukin Member Posts: 63

Hey everyone im trying out STO and im rather liking it but i was wondering about end game... is there anything like a world pvp section like neutral space you can fly to and people fight it out? or is everything in arenas?


  • cagancagan Member UncommonPosts: 445

    There is a star (instanced pvp zone) where u can pvp or u can join the arena (instanced pvp zone)

    no fighting in neutral zone :(


    this is what i do with my max level fed and KDF:


    get duty officer quests

    see any of my friends online to do smthg together (usually none)



    or you can grind STF (instances) like a few hundred times for better gear...

    thats the end game

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