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Future MMOs. What do you want?

kaibigan34kaibigan34 Member Posts: 1,508

List some of your ideas for future MMOs. Can be already set worlds or just rough ideas. Here is 4 of mine.

Mechwarrior - I think this one would be a good one if done properly. Clan versus House PVP and PVE for us carebears. Could go beyond mechs and enter into fighters, armor, and soldiers as well. Show alot more of the universe.

Elder Scrolls - I know it wont happen but common. The RPG that set the stage for all computer based MMOs for years. Many of our current MMOs can trace their beginnings to TES. The full world set in the 4th age (1,000 years after Daggerfall). Include Morrowind as well.

Martial Arts game - I know there are a couple like Martial Heroes but I want a full MMO with a full world, complete crafting system, property ownership and so on. Basically a high fantasy game with martial arts and a huge asian look.

Star Wars - Dont tell me SWG. That is about as Star Warsy as a lost episode of the Honeymooners. Someone needs to make a good SW MMO.

A few of my ideas.



  • BobiinBobiin Member Posts: 198

    One with dinosaurs vs humans.  Kind of like Jurrasic Park.


    Or,  planet of the apes.

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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Basically, extremely make FUN.


    Solo to my heart content.  Have a GOOD reason to solo, to achieve more stuff and advance endlessly.


    Group as much as possible.  Have a GOOD reason to group, to achieve more stuff and advance for a very long time if not endlessly(need to make sure I can find a group, rather be limited and reach a cap then be in a minority...yet sidekick work extremely well here to allow me more grouping and make it possible for more casuals friends to group me).


    In order to do so...solo need to give solo uberness...and grouping need to give group uberness.  If I solo a lot, I need to lack when I group.  If I group a lot, I need to lack when I solo.  If I do both endlessly, well then I earn both uberness after a lot of efforts.


    I dont care if there is PvP, raiding or tradeskilling, as long as they dont give any solo or group uberness (the ultimate longsword of DOOM cannot be given raiding, unless it dont help you in solo and grouping, thereby for a soloer or a grouper it is not the ultimate longsword, it is junk).


    Simple, logical and efficient.


    The setting dont matter much...the graphics are secondary.

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  • AJIceAJIce Member Posts: 148

    Mobster game and Dragon game. That simple.

  • Strider1233Strider1233 Member Posts: 176
    Face of Mankind! Its set like 300 years in the future and is different from every other mmorpg out there.


  • C411umC411um Member Posts: 7

    Yep i want a elder of scrolls to! I'd like morrowind to be one most, if they made the world bigger and more quests it would be better since you can complete it quite fast, if they had a PvsP it would be nice ::::01::


  • Strider1233Strider1233 Member Posts: 176
    There is actually a mod in development for morrowind that adds most of the world.. morrowind world.. thing...


  • Xix13Xix13 Member Posts: 259

    I've always thought that the PnP world of Shadowrun would make an excellent MMO. It's got the combination of fantasy and near-future, post-apocalypse sci-fi, mixed in with Matrix-style netrunning, guns and vehicles, with some Native American mysticism thrown into the mix. It's just too bad that Microsoft bought FASA and we haven't heard of Shadowrun since.::::16::

    -- Xix
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  • apertotesapertotes Member Posts: 363

    i think a Fallout MMO would be great.

    but most of all i would like a game that could evolve. start on the egiptian times, and make it evolve until medieval ages. let it evolve due to player interaction and discoveries. it would be very interesting, it could also be used as a social study. would be develop towards a civiliced world full of discoveries? or would we fighting an endless war for the control of some gold mines?

  • entranaentrana Member Posts: 106

    an actual MMORPG not another clone of a game youve played but cant quite remember the name of it.

    new ideas

    motion captured player animations

    voice chat ingame that you can only hear when your close to the other player (unless your shouting of course ^^)

    more interactivity with the world (being able to lift/kick/throw---rocks/wood/dwarves or anything nearby)

    no pvp sanctioned areas(go full pvp but have enough bad affects for the pker (as in permanent affects ^^)to balance what he gains from killing someone)

    dont sell us expansions of stuff that was originally planned to be in the game from the start but the developers were pushing the deadline (yes this HAS happened ^^) take a little longer developing it and if worse comes to worse organise prepayed orders to pay for the extended development time

    and finally

    GIVE THE GAME MONTHLY SUPPORT dont just promise you will then stop adding to the game after a few months once the hype dies down

    my 2 cents



  • BeaNo999BeaNo999 Member UncommonPosts: 63

    Originally posted by kaibigan34

    Elder Scrolls - I know it wont happen but common. The RPG that set the stage for all computer based MMOs for years. Many of our current MMOs can trace their beginnings to TES. The full world set in the 4th age (1,000 years after Daggerfall). Include Morrowind as well.

    Would be perfection. Really can't wait for tes4, if it's anything like morrowind I will be more than content to stop playing mmo's for a few months. ::::08::

    Also, the Fallout mmo idea would be definatley worth a go.


  • Kem0sabeKem0sabe Member Posts: 443

    I think a fallout mmorpg would be incredible, i think they have a pretty solid character system, with all those traits and skills, add a few more traits and skills and you would have the best system out there, the game world is very open ended and diverse, the various factions ingame are great. would like to see how they would imlement the combat tho.

    An elderscrolls mmorpg would be amazing also and i think its something we might hope to get in the future, the way the games are going, with each one having a more detailed world than the last and the huge landmasses involded, i would not be surprised to see a mmorpg as the next elderscrolls title after the new one thats coming out for the xbox360.

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  • CessikCessik Member Posts: 79

    I think a Mad Max game would be awesome. Going around capturing oil pumps and all, classic.

  • thelawoflogicthelawoflogic Member UncommonPosts: 766
    one were u can be a Dragon
  • Xix13Xix13 Member Posts: 259

    Originally posted by Cessik
    I think a Mad Max game would be awesome. Going around capturing oil pumps and all, classic.
    This one you'll be getting later this year. Check out Auto Assault. ::::28::

    -- Xix
    "I know what you're thinking: 'Why, oh WHY, didn't I take the BLUE pill?'"

  • GwendleGwendle Member UncommonPosts: 48

    Personally, I want a game where I can group when I want and solo when when I want. I want NO tedious aspects to the game. If it's not fun, I don't want to do it. That includes long, boring runs from place to place. I don't want to sit and kill 50 of the same monster over and over. I want adventure and excitement, something that holds my interest... not spurts of fun here and there, sandwiched by boring drudgery. Did I mention fun? I'm pretty sure I did, but let me reiterate... I want to have constant and continuous FUN!!!!

  • Joel1120Joel1120 Member Posts: 624

    I'd like to see more Virtual Worlds. With a good community like There and the easy to learn building tools of Second Life. But with similar graphics to There and IMVU. Small client and small file size for in world creations.

    There isn't perfect and Second Life isn't either. I have yet to see a perfect Virtual World but it'll be coming soon, I hope. I'd like a Virtual World where you never get burn out and there are unlimited possibilities. We'll have to wait and see.



    The only limitation in There is your own imagination!

  • ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077

    I want skill based rather than level based characters. IE: Your skills define what you're capable of rather than your Class and Level determining what skills you can have.

    I want a game where you aren't locked into a class/profession/template and can change your mind and learn something else if you want to.

    I want an evolved quest system that is dynamic and involving.

    I want a detailed and involving PVP system that has a point.

    I want PVP to be mandatory based upon factions. If you choose a side you should expect to get killed by the other side.

    I want the ability to solo but have grouping encouraged and raid level content available to players as well.

    I want non-combat professions to be able to enjoy the game without ever having to fight if they so desire.

    I want player housing that is creative, inventive and encourages roleplay. Not just an apartment or special zone that nobody ever goes to.

    I want detailed crafting that doesn't require you to buy components if you don't want to and is complex enough to be fun without being too intricate. SWG is the best I've done yet.

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