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SpornSporn Member Posts: 259

SO yesterday I went to the Ultraviolent Tournament of Death 4 in New Caslte Deleware.  It was a let me say an experience I took some pics...


These were the weapons that were used many were made by the fans.


This guy Slammed dude though a board of like 500 #2 pencils that were very sharp.


You can see he is in pain.  This picture captures the agony of defeat.



More carnage it was 4 hours of this stuff.  This is CZW wrestling.  Is anyone a fan of this stuff or are you appaled by this stuff.   Discuss.


  • XavonXavon Member Posts: 334

    I'm not appalled by this, but I do think they should implimetn a law saying that this type of thing must be a battle to the death, so at least one of the 'combatents' is removed fro mthe gene pool.

  • SpornSporn Member Posts: 259

    some more pics...


    Wax took no prisoners.


    Guy got slammed through a log cabin of light tubes ouch!

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