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COD Matchmaking

BeanfieldBeanfield Member Posts: 53

I have a question that may have been asked before, or maybe the answer's obvious, but I don't know it. Anyway, I'm wondering about Call of Duty Multiplayer matchmaking. I enjoy playing those games, such as Black Ops online, however, I'll be the first to admit I'm not very good. My question is, is there no server side method for matchmaking? Meaning, why do I have to get thrown into matches with a bunch of people who have been playing way longer and are way better? Thus I die every 10 seconds. I know the game keeps track of your stats, and it seems to me like they should be able to use some of those stats to more evenly match you up. Maybe they're already doing this, but if so it doesn't seem to work very well. Out of the roughly 500k players who are usually online I'm sure there wouldn't be a shortage of people closer to my skill level. Even just matching based on kill/death ratio would seem to even things out a bit. And honestly, I'm not trying to sound like I'm complaining, I know you could tell me I just need to get better, but I'm just trying to say, I do enjoy the game but I just wish I felt like the playing field was a little more level. In short, this isn't a rant, I'm just wondering if they even attempt any sort of matchmaking other than possibly location/connection. Thanks.


  • c0nceptc0ncept Member Posts: 13

    They have attempted at making a ranked based system like Halo, the only problem is that the engine is so complex and there are so man hardships that go into even making it work correctly. I remember at the beginning of MW2 there were many lobby making problems, such as 18 person search and destroy. So the best way to play if you are on Black Ops is to set your connection to local, and go on youtube. There is a variety of commentators determined to help you get better at the game by playing smart. Really try to learn about the game. Use the UAV and try to understand the spawns and traffic patterns. Learn how the other player is going to react so that you can win the engagement. My last piece of advice is to slow down your movement. My problem when I started playing CoD was that I ran around everywhere and wasn't ready for an upcoming engagement. I hope this helped.

    Keep Gaming My Brethren.

  • ForTheCityForTheCity Member Posts: 307

    I think after a while you will get the hang of it. I was alright at Black Ops but after a long hiatus of not playing COD I started sucking. Maybe half a year? I started MW3 and was horrible at it (still don't know if my total KDR is 1 yet) but after a while you will get better. I'm also prestige 2 level 52. Sometimes I'll have great games and be on top, and others i'll have horrible games and be on the bottom. It's not very fun in the beginning when you keep dying, but after a while youw ill get use to it. It's not very fun getting throw with people who have been player for months before you but I don't think there is a way to select. 

    I still end up playing with people who haven't prestiged and are still better than me. Its just the luck of the draw. Well just keep on playing and don't get frustrated. Just takes a little time to get use to it and you'll be good in no time!

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