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Cancelled or is it re-released as free?

MisterSrMisterSr Member UncommonPosts: 928

If this is cancelled that is sad, I played the offline version and had a buttload of fun. If this is free well then I am about to pee my pants, cause I am about to download it. So can anyone confirm whether this is free or cancelled?


  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Member UncommonPosts: 2,759

    Looks like its free, though accepting donations according to the homepage:

    Think i may check it out myself.

  • MisterSrMisterSr Member UncommonPosts: 928

    Originally posted by kaiser3282
    Looks like its free, though accepting donations according to the homepage:
    Think i may check it out myself.

    Ya except it's impossible to apply for, they make it so difficult hahahaha.

  • lordxeroniuslordxeronius Member UncommonPosts: 11

    does this game play the same way as the offline versions, with puzzles and stuff. or is it diffrent.

  • JKlaJKla Member Posts: 2

    Yes this plays the same as the offline version with the additions that were put in place while it was available on Game Tap.   And yes it's free with a donation option.

    Note the inital download does take a while it works better from the mirror sites. 

    There is also a thriving community making new ages available to download to the stand alone version and there are now two online servers that take these fan produced ages and make them available for multi player on line testing. 

    Fan produced ages can be built using a Cyan add on for Studio 3dMax that works with version 7 or 8 of 3dMax (expensive and these older versions are rare) or with Blender which is open source and includes a steep learning curve. 

    For info on accessing the fan stuff your best option is go online and ask around. The keyword to search or ask for on fan based stuff is Drizzle.

    Point to note

    You will need to pick up a " KI " (Usually pronounced Key) if you want to communicate.   Lots of info on this in on line forums but this vid link is a good start point.

    It's worth watching this particularly on getting your KI. 

    The off line version is required if you want to explore fan written ages off line this is a available from both Good old Games (GoG) or Steam both need a tweak to enable them to run with Drizzle but nothing drastic. 

  • JKlaJKla Member Posts: 2

    Ok here is an update on the back of the release of the source code for the server three guys in Germany have built an open source MOULa (Myst Online Uru Live again) server free access and new content. 

    Search on line for "The Open Cave" for more info.

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