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[EU- The Red Eclipse]EMPIRE PVE / Social /Mature "Psychotic Malevolence"

So yet again i am here with the boring old recruitment thread..........................sorry needs must and all that eh :p

Ok so here goes let's try not to bore the reading populous senseless eh

Are you the more *cough* seasoned side of 21?

Ever been accused of having a rather warped or twisted sense of humour?

Do you want to consider your guildies as your friends, and for them to consider you a friend?

Enjoy participating in voice comms banter? or maybe been accused of donkey hind leg removal before?

Does maturity mean more to you than not typing WTF NOOB and other such twaddle?

Do you honour commitments you make out of a sense of pride?

Do you respect that the darned thing called real life does exist, and sometimes.... just sometimes it can be a right royal pain in the arris?

Ok well if you got this far in reading, you have probably said yes to some if not most of the questions above, in that case read on my friend......

Hmm who are we? Well were a misfit bunch of guys and gals that love our way of doing things.......now let's see if our way is like your way eh....

We are looking for more people like us, hmm now how the heck do I describe us......

...aha I got it.......

Squirrels................no no no... I mean nuts.......

Yep quite frankly, we talk too much in voice comms *cough* not me personally though *cough*, we have rather warped twisted and sometimes downright disgusting senses of humour, that one I will own up to :p

Our non English members have definitely all learned the worst parts of the English language first :p that said us lot from the UK are far far from innocent..........

Some of us love to do Operations, but ALL of us love to hang out with our fellow guildies who we are all happy to call friends, Swtor is very much a social thing for us, as well as a game.

So if you're like us (see above) and see maturity as more than just not

QQ when something goes wrong

typing leet speak

and acting like a right (insert own derogatory word of choice)

then the sad diagnosis is that you might fit in here, and be happy to call our little guild your home.

We are happy that we have a nice mixture of folk here, some love the idea of team play in operations, some are just pure social members that are here for the social aspect only, and we have a few that walk the middle ground, so maybe we have what you need :d

If you got all the way down to here, and are NOT thinking what a load of old twaddle then perhaps you might like to have a mooch around our website and take a look-see and even might fancy dropping us an application eh


Some more information for those possibly interested in making an Operations application to us

We do 8 man operations only, prefering the more close knit feel of a small team.

Please note,

We are a social guild, we are social during operations, to us that means we converse, laugh, joke and generally enjoy the company of the people we raid with, it does NOT mean we do slacky half hearted job during our operations, and turn up in sub standard gear, without buff items, or slack on tactics etc.

When we do operations we take it seriously, in that we always ensure our characters are geared, as best as they can possibly be and we always put in our best effort, but we are not elitist and do believe that fun should be part of any guild activity.

Oh yeah, we do NOT have hissy fits, strops or sulks, or any type of OMG WTFs when things don't go perfectly, were not robots we are human beings, we do make mistakes and we get over it.

Operations team member

We would be looking for people that want to do operations regularly.

We do have limited spots on the operations team, please see the recruitment module on our website for spaces available, or the status below.

Regards and may the voice of JarJar be with you

Psychotic Malevolence - Dark and twisted humour as pure as it gets!!

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our recruiting officer (Longhorn) ingame

Recruitment status

Looking for the following for OPERATIONS

powertech tank 

powertech dps

ranged dps

random dps

DPS with tank offspec, preferably POWERTECH

DPS with heal offspec, preferably SORCERER

Exceptional applications from healers will be considered



  • janivaljanival Member Posts: 3

    Welcome to our new members,  updatet  recruitment post accordingly

  • janivaljanival Member Posts: 3


    Recruitment needs have changed quite a bit now

    and we're looking for the following for Operations.


    Powertech tank.

    Powertech dps.

    Ranged dps.

    Random dps.


    For any one of these you don't need to be max level yet, you can even have just started levelling.


    Our raid days are (we do not have attendance % requirement, just that you'll be available regularly)


    Tuesday 7pm to 10 pm Uk time

    Wednesday 7pm to 10 pm Uk time

    Thursday 7pm to 10 pm Uk time


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