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Now that its gone f2p

Ok, now that the game has gone f2p, who will go and play it?

I will try it out again, but sure hope some new stuff comes in quick.

One thing I dont understand is, they are giving away epic minions to people who go f2p, but their lifers and those who stuck next to them dont get anything. Do you understand this? I dont. I think its mistake upon mistake made by either bad decisions or just plain not thought through stuff. Either way, I think they are hurting lifers here! They promised lifers would be compromised but how? By giving all the epics? Lol!


  • SkrankenSkranken Member UncommonPosts: 100

    Ill log back in and see whats new..

    At the state it was when I left I got some major doubts that I will stick around for long. But never say never :-)

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