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Uninteresting email design

HrothaHrotha Member UncommonPosts: 821

I am a follower of this site for years. I just somewhat "reactivated" my account, I was innactive quite a time and I've just recieved my first newsletter. But all I have to say is: Why not designing it abit more viewer-friendly?

Imho the topics are not highlighted very good. Your eye flies around everywhere and has no grip to focus a second. And maybe you could improve it a little bit more by adding meaningful preview-pictures? Getting the CI abit more straight, the text abit more in the middle/to the right. It sticks too much on the left. And so on.

This might sound nitpicky but when you learned it once the right way, especially in your job like I did, you will always stumble across those design failures.

I know you guys can do this better ;)

Regards. Wish you the best!



  • XexvXexv Member Posts: 308

    Very interesting point and I largely agree, I received my first newsletter from the site a while ago and had to force myself to read it. The newsletter I received from RTSGuru seems to have a much better layout, far more engaging.

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