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Krayt Dragon - PVE EST - Semi Hardcore - 3days a wk. LF Ranged DPS and 1 BH Heals

Vee1Vee1 Member Posts: 2


US Sith Empire (EST PVE Server)

Operation Times - Tue, Thu, Sun 9pm -12am EST

(9 Hours a Week)


Imperium was a highly progressed guild in WoW for four years. Our SWTOR core has been playing together for many years. We have always maintained a strong progressive raid team in 10 and 25 mans with a very minimal raid schedule. Our primary concern when considering new members has always been their ability to communicate, their maturity level, and their ability to participate in a reasonably intelligent conversation. We are currently looking for Core raiders to join our team. We are looking for easy-going people who want to make some new friends and be with a group long-term.

What to expect from us...

- Operations that start and end on time.

- A community of in-game support and socializing.

- Leadership that only excepts quality players, and understands mistakes can happen.

- An opportunity to see all the content SWTOR has to offer.

- Small 18 man operation team, this allows you to raid every night.

- A Loot Council that ensures we have an equally geared raid team.

- Adult atmosphere. Average age 25+

16-man Progression:

Eternity Vault 5/5

Karagga's Palace 1/1

What we expect from you...

- You need to want to be part of a team. This includes being on mumble and taking an interest in the guilds objectives, upholding its principles and securing its longevity.

- You must be able to verbally communicate in operations.

- Poor attitudes and disrespecting fellow guild members will not be tolerated.

- High to perfect operation attendance is required.

- Ability to suck it up. If you can't wipe all night to a hard boss encounter and keep yourself motivated, don't think of joining us.

- You must know your class and all of its aspects.

- You must know all fights, and be around to discuss fights at some point beyond operation times.

- Be active on our forums.

If you don't think you can handle any of the items above, don't bother applying. If you want to play with other people who can meet these requirements, we want to talk to you.

What we are looking for:

- Imperial Agent - Sniper

- Sith Warrior - Marauder

- Bounty Hunter - Bodyguard

Interested in joining? Visit us at http://www.imperiumguild.ca

You DO NOT need an account to apply


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