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Laptop cooling hardware

Clifford1987Clifford1987 Member Posts: 29

Hey again everyone,


Does anyone here have any knowledge / recommendations concerning laptop cooling bases?


I recently purchased a 15.4" laptop, which currently runs cool for normal usage, however I will soon be using it for mid - heavy gaming usage, therefore I want to invest in additional cooling to prolong the laptops life.


I am currently looking at either the Cooler Master Notepal U2: (£15)


or Zalman notebook cooler zm-nc1000: (£30)


I will occasionally be using the laptop at a desk, however I will mainly be using it (as the name suggests!) on my lap.  


I was almost 100% set on purchasing the Zalman model (most sites state a 10-15 CPU and GPU degree drop after a heavy gaming session) however since the intake fans are on the back of the system some people have suggested it is not the best cooling system if you place your laptop on your lap opposed to on a desk.  Some people have recommended the Cool Master for 'lap' users, however the cooling/fan system does not seem as robust.  I am looking to spend a maximum of £35, and place more emphasis on the cooling, not asthetics etc.


Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations please?  Thanks a lot!


  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 6,835

    Now I haven't tried either of those, but just looking at the pictures...

    Neither of those is going to work in your lap.

    They both have air intakes on the bottom. The Coolermaster one is particularly bad because it doesn't even have a solid base, it has feet, which you'd have to balance on your knees.

    I suggest something like this instead, or in addition to:

    That will likely be all you need, without any additional fans.

  • Clifford1987Clifford1987 Member Posts: 29

    Thanks for the reply Ridelynn.


    However I already have a similar cushioned laptray that I currently use for my laptop.  What I am looking for now is a cooling base that will help decrease temperatures during heavy gaming sessions.


    I should have mentioned that in my initial post, my fault.  What I am now looking for is a light, portable fan / ventilation base for my laptop that I can place on top of my current wooden laptray (I will occasionally place it on my lap on its own now and again) and can be used on a table surface too.


    So the main thing I am currently looking for is a fan based, ventilation base that is suitable for a 15.6" laptop that will cool GPU and CPU temperatures by roughly 10 degrees during a heavy gaming session.


    I am currently leaning towards the Cool Master NotePal U2 after reading various reviews / impressions.  However if you can recommend any additional options it would be greatly appreciated thanks :) 


    Edit:  After additional research I have another potential!  Has anyone got any information about the Targus Lap Chill Mat?  The Targus seems to be perfect for resting on your lap, which is my number one concern, however from reviews it does not seem to cool the laptop quite as well as various other models.  This does not concern me too much since the stock cooler on my system is very competent and I have never had any overheating problems yet (even after playing Shogun 2 for numerous hours), therefore any slight additional cooling help and a comfortable lap rest in one would be perfect.

  • TanonTanon Member UncommonPosts: 176

    The Targus runs stupidly loud and doesn't do much, if anything, in the way of cooling. Avoid it.

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