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Perfect World issues logging in

FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member RarePosts: 4,303

I had created an account to try Forsaken World but had forgotten the password.  I've tried the PW password reset, it changes the password but refuses to let me log into my account. 


I remember having some similar issues with them in the past.  Any suggestions on how to get this working?  Maybe I should just create a new account?  I sent an email to support but who knows how long that will take to get sorted.


  • CacaphonyCacaphony Member Posts: 738

    Can't you use either a Perfect World login, or a Cryptic log in? I think both works.

  • IkedaIkeda Member RarePosts: 2,749

    I don't know about PW.  I know that at the selection screen I had the choice to choose Cryptic or PW and I used my Cryptic one with no issues (and this was from WAY BACK).

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member RarePosts: 4,303

    I don't have a cryptic account and when I select to create one it uses the PW account creation.

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member RarePosts: 4,303

    The problem seems to be that when they ask for my username, they really want my email address.  Even though when you request your username in the case you forgot it they use something totally different.


    Although neither username works for the actual client at the moment.  It states that there's an invalid username or pw, but I'm hoping it's because the game is offline.


    I hate perfect world ...

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