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Xsyon vs. Micecraft vs. Wurm Online?

mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373

I've been looking at three crafting games (Xsyon, Minecraft and Wurm Online) and like to hear from the folks that have played these.  Please provide both pros and cons.  Better Graphics?  Most skills?  Game design?  I want to hear it all.  Thx



  • mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373

    Anyone?  Anyone at all?

  • mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373

    ok, skip it. I found out for myself today regarding Xsyon.  All I can say is, if you have any respec for yourself at all, block their site completely...I!! LAME

  • blythegablythega Member UncommonPosts: 174

    I play all three games I would probably categories them as follows:


    Minecraft = Kiddy mode i.e. if you like shallow quick crafting and don't have a lot of time this one works for a few hours play. 


    Xyson = Still a work in progress, interesting crafting system but no where nearly balanced and it will be at least a year until this game has a feature set worth playing.


    Wurm Online = Free to play up to skill level cap of 20 (more than 114 skills you can learn). Wurm is probably the most in depth crafting/terraforming game out there. It is however a major time sink but they have recently added the EPIC server cluster with accelerated skill gain.  I have been playing it since 2006 as I have not been able to find anything that compares






  • mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373


  • tedricktedrick Member Posts: 32

    I have played all three.  Literally hundreds of hours in Minecraft and Wurm Online.  Maybe a hundred even in Xsyon.


    Minecraft is fun, but has somewhat limited depth unless you slap a technic pack on it - then it is quite broad, but not so in depth.  It is not an MMO either so it is in a separate category.  You can build great things on Minecraft, but few will see it.  Great for kids and  wives though it is a real family game!


    Xsyon is much like real life in the modern era.   Around lake Tahoe if I recall correctly.  You will NEED other people and you must specialize to get anywhere.  Eveything takes awhile to do and combat is wonky and tough.  Tribes and tribe warfare and resource control is the name of the game.  Graphics are not bad, but not good.  


    Wurm Online is a good game.  It used to be run by Notch who left to do Minecraft.  His old buddy Rolf Jannsen runs it now - has about 6 servers now ranging from pvp cut throat to peaceful as a spring day.  Building and doozering honestly makes up the bulk of your day.  Most detailed game in existence.  I have played nearly every MMO since Ultima Online in 1997 and this is the one in the other window as I write this review.   

    No other game brings me back over and over again.  Eve Online gives it a good run for its money - but everyone is Eve seems a pirate, cutthroat, or sociopath.   Wurm Online is less full of those sociopaths and more full of builder, explorers, and creators.  

    I currently am 'in charge' of a commune outside of the starting city on the Epic Server Jenn-Kellon Home.  Tedrick is me.  Send me a /tell and I can get you started down the right path in the 'right' spot.  So far are public mine is doing well and has iron ore - I need to install a forge or 3 in there - so I need clay.  Have to get a cart load though because I want to build a guard tower with it as well.  Then I need to go find another horse for a buddy that lost his last night in a raid.  Have to go out hunting to do that, but I will take some newer players to get some fight time in.  All in a days work/play!


    Wurm is waiting!



    P.S. There is a free trial that you can do.  Unlimited time, skills/stats limited to 20. Game is $7 a month - because it is graphically limited by the java it is written in and/or the fact that it is or was a indy for years.   Come give it a shot and give me a shot if you find yourself on Epic JK Server.  Serenity is its name. RvRvR here and penalty pvp for inkingdom killing.  Full looting.  






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