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What happened to Everquest?!

Angier2758Angier2758 Member UncommonPosts: 1,026

I loaded up EQ last night to give a go for old times sake (to be fair I had a headache and like an hour to play)... what happened to the UI?  The game also seems more clunky?  I almost felt bad playing it.


  • MardukkMardukk Member RarePosts: 2,222
    It took me at least a week to get used to the ui again. Giving yourself an hour, with a headache no less, just wont cut it. I really enjoyed my time back with the game. Its nice to play a game with endless amounts of difficult content.
  • DeolusDeolus Member UncommonPosts: 392

    The interface isn't too bad. With a couple of mods you can get it looking just how you want it. I remember I used to have about six chat windows on screen at once when raiding. Could hardly see anything on a 15" monitor :)


  • Angier2758Angier2758 Member UncommonPosts: 1,026
    I remember the ui being simpler, no? I quit right about where luclin started.
  • smh_alotsmh_alot Member Posts: 976
    Yeah, the UI was a whole lot simpler in the beginning.
  • Angier2758Angier2758 Member UncommonPosts: 1,026
    I need to find a few people to adeventure with.
  • ThorbrandThorbrand Member Posts: 1,198

    I wonder if I could go back. Would be a nice change of what we have today.

  • lermurelermure Member Posts: 2

    i return to EQ 2 years ago. was absent like 6 years.  That was a blast.  all faster then ever when doing LVL and AA. and you have a tone of contenant.  Choose firona Vie server.  All item is dropable (raid item include). Im there.

  • teakboisteakbois Member Posts: 2,154

    13 years hapened

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