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Classes: Which is for you?

NomiMNomiM Member Posts: 21




  • Alchemist: Enigmatic figures wielding the power of the ether.


This class is good for the "scientist" sort of character, if you've ever wanted one of those. It is very self-sufficient, but isn't very good in combat yet.


  • Apostate: Evil, necromantic demon summoners.


This class is extremely good in combat and is very good for RP as well, but like anything else, you can RP no matter what class you are. 


  • Bard: Swashbuckling troubadour adventurers.


This class is a very defensive class in combat, as well as having unique RP potential. Perfect for poets or people who want to be a "solid rock" sort of fighter.



Blademasters have a lot of potential for anything. They are sort of like samurai and have a really nice feeling to them -- especially with their uniquely named blades.


  • Druid: Forest-loving metamorphs.


Druids are a utility jack-of-all-trades class that is self-sufficient and bring people back to life through grove resurrection. Great merchant class!


  • Infernal: Evil knights employing necromantic methods.


Infernals are the only Knight-class that can infiltrate due to their Black Wind ability, so if you really want to use swords but want to slip behind enemy lines, this is the class for you.


  • Jester: Happy-go-lucky pranksters and rogueish entertainers.


Jesters can go one of two ways: extremely silly Clown-esque Jesters or Joker-esque murderer Jesters. They also have almost unmatched potential for 1v1 combat.


  • Magi: Masters of the four elements and crystalline vibrations.


Magi in Achaea aren't the traditional White/Black/Red Mages from the Final Fantasy series. Instead, they use the elements and are based around that.


  • Monk: A class that forges mind, body, and spirit into a unified whole.


Monks are great at bashing and are one of the only classes that primarily fight through health and limb damage. These Monks are more commonly like martial artists than peaceful people, though.


  • Occultist: Chaos-loving summoners of extra-planar entities.


Occultists are the "alien" class of Achaea and can summon a multitude of pets to help them in combat. They have the most utility of any class in the game.


  • Paladin: Noble knights wielding dual weapons with a falcon companion.


Paladins are amazing at the defender role, and are able to soak up a lot of damage through 'defend' as well as heal with 'layhands'. 


  • Priest: Holy warriors with a fearsome guardian angel by their side.


Priests have really good RP potential and are the only class that can reliably heal afflictions through a class ability. Also, you get an angel


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  • xxKoalaluvxxKoalaluv Member Posts: 6

    thanks! i rolled a druid :)

  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433


    I like my Thoth's fang :)

  • penelopaepenelopae Member Posts: 5

    Priest is a hell-yes bashing class. Especially with the January XP bonus. I had a priest who went dormant forever, but boredom brought him back. Good grief! I jumped two levels in three days!

  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433

    Dragon is the best class! Mwuhahah!

  • VaehlVaehl Member Posts: 12

    Pah! I'd wreck you anyday in dragon or not.

  • RaslazelRaslazel Member Posts: 6

    Sentinel is super-useful, just thought I'd say. As far as the best utility class goes, it's between Sentinel and Occultist for me.

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