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A game with legal BOT system?

nheL03nheL03 Member Posts: 23

                I was intrigued by the game Rosh Online from Ignited Games because hearing from my friends it has its own in-game bot system called Rosh Guide. Other online games are against players using bots, that’s why I’m surprised to see a game having its own bot system. Players can use the bot system for 6 hours a day. So players can still grind even when they are sleeping, eating or working, which I think is very clever of the game.

































                The bot system is very clever indeed. It allows auto pots; auto target, auto loot and players can even set the casting time of skills. This is one more reason to love this game.




Bot for grinding


                Have you ever encountered a game with legal bots? Most players like us would think that bots are illegal and that players using bots are bound to be penalized. Well, one game proved me wrong on that way of thinking. ROSH Online offers a ‘legal’ bot system which they call ROSH Guide. For 6 hours a day players can do other things while their characters stay online to gain level. Ignited Games thought of a good way to keep players within the game. As a saying goes, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ Bots will always be present in a game, so why not make it legal? Players of your game will benefit from it, making them want to stay playing the game.


  • centkincentkin Member RarePosts: 1,527

    Crystal Saga.  Actually went fairly far with it before I figured -- If I am trying not to play then why am I playing?  But there was something really odd having it control your character and you sort of metagaming it...  You get several hours of botted play per day if you play your cards right in the game.

  • omega78omega78 Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Grand Fantasia I believe. It is also a rather popular thread. And apologies, I didn't read the whole post, :X Time is slim currently. Good luck finding one though!

  • DarkholmeDarkholme Member UncommonPosts: 1,212

    Jade Dynasty pretty much has a botting system built into the game...

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  • skullquakerskullquaker Member UncommonPosts: 311

    sword of the new moon used to have a bot system  it was a great way to lvl a new char over night  are  pick craft items up

  • ForumTrollForumTroll Member Posts: 140

    Magic World Online has one of the most in depth bot systems I have seen in any MMO. It is customizable in more ways than i can begin to list. It very well might take you a day or two to really understand how to use it effectively. You can bot as soon as you enter the game and it does not restrict your time in using it. The game is built around the bot and it can take everal weeks of 24/7 botting in order to get to a decent level. It is F2P with an extremely P2W method of becoming the best. Multi clients are allowed and actually have alot more benefits then playing with 1 account.

    The only things that are hard for the in game bot to accomplish would be crafting, elite hunting, pvping, and events such as guild wars and faction wars. I played the the game for a few weeks and enjoyed it for what it was. If you are interested in a game with a bot, and you want to experience what it could truly be like. This is the game for you. It will show you the benfits as well as the downfall to games headed in this direction.



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  • nheL03nheL03 Member Posts: 23

    Anyone playing Rosh Online here?

    Im going to try it and i need someone that can i ask for




  • Shaider0168Shaider0168 Member Posts: 3

    Hmm theres a lot of games now that has bot system, actually it started in auto attack system(i think), the first game i encounter with that system was a rpg browser games; then now a MMORPG.. nice to know they making it as a legal system.. 

    why limited? dunno the real reason but i have a thought, coz botting is the laziest way for grinding and for leveling i think other player might abuse it, so it was fair enough to limit the bot system for every player :)

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