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SWTOR Wardrobe malfunctions ( moved from Why Swtor is not for roleplayers )

RobsolfRobsolf Member RarePosts: 4,597

I thought I'd move this out of the Why "Swtor is not for roleplayers", as it veers WAAAAAAAY off topic.


Originally posted by leojreimroc

Originally posted by Robsolf

I like the orange gear, but I agree that it doesn't really seem to serve the purpose of getting the look you want.  It just serves the purpose of LotRO Legendary Items 2.0.

They should go the route DCUO went, or go with a system like LotRO's wardrobe.

I actually don't mind what they did with the orange gear.  I wouldn't go as far as calling it LOTRO legendary items 2.0 either.  More like the legendary items but without the RNG stats, but still keeping the slotted relics.

This said, I would still prefer the DCUO or the LOTRO wardrobe.  These systems are much easier to have a few different appearances and be able to switch them on the fly whenever you grow bored of one.  The downside with the orange items is switching looks might be expensive depending on how much it costs to slot out endgame epic mods.

My point on the orange stuff is basically the intended purpose vs. the resulting purpose.  When you're a developer trying to solve a problem(in this case, players being able to wear the stuff they want), you have to compare those two things.

The BW devs have pretty much said that the intended purpose of the orange gear is so that players can keep a particular item that they like the look of and use it through endgame.   As a concept on paper, it would seem that that's exactly the purpose it would fill.  But, at least as far as how I've used it, it's not so much that as it is just a way to set up my bonuses however I want them. 

Here are my reasons:

-I don't really encounter orange items at a frequency in which I can experiment with different ideas and styles to get the look I want.

-unslotting is expensive, and so is buying 3-4 decent new mods to slot.  So even if I find something I like better, or just as much, I'm not likely to use it.

-There are a ridiculous number of armor placements, most of which you don't have orange pieces for right away.  So you can't really "plan ahead".

-There's always a concern, for example, if you go with a particular orange chestpiece, that it won't match up up with future leg, foot, or head armor.  Right, Troopers?

With DCUO and LotRO's systems, ALL these issues are resolved.  With DCUO, every armor/clothing item you ever put on (the look) stays available to you even after you sell it and you can change your mind on what to wear at no cost or inconvenience.  WIth LotRO's wardrobe system, you can keep all the clothing you have wardrobe space for, and you can use 12 different dye colors on an item and keep each color forever.  And you have 2+ different outfits you can change to on the fly.  It's considered separate from armor; all it does is change your look.

And that's exactly how i use them.

With TOR, I just use the first orange I find for each body part and put up with it.  If changing my pants is going to cost me 3-20k credits I'll just stick with what's acceptable.



  • dubyahitedubyahite Member UncommonPosts: 2,483
    I just save all the orange pieces I get. That way if I find some other stuff I like, it is likely that I have a set of other stuff that matches it well in the bank. I've actually got quite a few "outfits" that I could use.

    As far as unslotting mods goes, it's really bot that expensive. You only have to do it when a mod is an upgrade.

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  • JergisJergis Member Posts: 37

    ""With DCUO and LotRO's systems, ALL these issues are resolved.""


    -Actually, Champions Online resolves it better. With DCUO and LotRO, i still have to gear hunt. With CO, i create it. And yes, i'd be okay with cash shop in Star Wars for fluff if that menat they'd of spent 5 minutes actually giving us options for character customization, different bipedal aliens, etc. The excuse that we cannot connect is bunk, and the further programming excuse falls flat when *a majority of the aliens people want are already in numerous cut scenes*. Their faces look fine to me. Your look has nothing to do with gear in CO, and dangit they should have learnedc.


    I love LotRO, but Champions is far and away the best style of character customization option for me. I design it, gear does nto affect, etc.


    Happy hunting.



  • StSynnerStSynner Member Posts: 123

    SWTOR has the worst gear i have ever seen.

  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679

    I agree that CO had the best character customization but I actually quite like SWTORs. I mean...I enjoyed trying to find an armormech who can craft orange gear for my smuggler and buying every single thing he could make that I could wear before I finally settled on a set.  Too bad I cant wear it cuz Im still missing the pants. 


    As for where to get them, you can usually find them in the world quest and on heroic quests as rewards.  Well..And some commendation vendors, social vendors and armormech/synthweavers

    I find it pretty nice.  I would still prefer to have a mix of CO and DCUO though.  I had some pretty awesome looking chars in CO like tinkerbell, Ms Rainbow, Razor Ramon Ecchi Gee, Robotronix0r, and Random samurai.  It wasawesome.  Too bad the only stuff that seperated me from other people was removed when they made the kill 5k enemies perk outfit buyable with irl cash :(

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  • DarkPonyDarkPony Member Posts: 5,566

    My observations: your wardrobe scales along with your level. At the moment I have half a cargo hold FULL of orange gear and I just mix and match untill I like the look. There's plenty of oranges to get from planet commendations and you can also solo run lower leveled flashpoints later on to find some really nice gear. At the moment I use a marauder chest piece, black with a very nice flowing cape; it's medium armor so I took the mods out and replaced them with those from my operative pvp armor.

    Curious what they have in store for us with the upgraded matching system though.

  • GibboniciGibbonici Member UncommonPosts: 472

    There's been one or two Smuggler jackets I've liked, but all the orange ones I've come across so far have been utterly horrible.


    There's some really nice stuff for Troopers and Jedi, and I've not seen anything too bad during my 10 or so levels on the dark side. Just Smugglers seem to have no dress sense. At all.

  • CujoSWAoACujoSWAoA Member UncommonPosts: 1,781

    I'm so sick of Short Sleeved Jedi Robes.

    This is the era of the Jedi Order where they're just laid back and TAKIN 'ER EASY! with some short sleeves.

    It looks so freaking stupid.

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