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the game has reached a plateau

hawkwindhawkwind Member Posts: 124

While I have been very busy, I managed to log in for an average of 8-15 hours a day over the summer in the USA version of LOM 3 and have passed level 44 with my main character.

Most of the wizards I know (Is very easy to know everyone due to the very small population) are using lvl 22 bracelets because better items are very few and seldomly sold. Most items are simply not in the game at all. The drop rate is truly horrible and annoying. Grinding with low level gear has become a major issue and players have left by the dozens. Hi level players can sell some items to middle level players but muddle level players must NPC most items. The economy is dead and the lag is more than I can handle. I have played many games and maintain our puter very well and have late model hardware yet the game still lags.

Asplayers leave and new players do not stay long the game is slowly becoming a fossil. It is a 2-D game but when there is something to work towards and players to level with it was pretty cool. Now it has become


Duping has been an issue also so when you see players with rares on you cant help but wonder, did they?

Don't ya eat the yellow snow!


  • FirekyoFirekyo Member Posts: 16
    ahh mir... consumed 2 years of my life... greatest two years tho. did u play during the WEMADE US beta? i did, and the same things happened there
  • hawkwindhawkwind Member Posts: 124
    Yes, I was in 3 betas for LOM 3 and in the closed LOM 2 beta. I admit I still think about the game at least every so often. hey I even checked the posts here!  I remember you, the game was never the same as the beta we were both in, you were well

    equipped and civilized to me. Where did the fun go? ;P

    Don't ya eat the yellow snow!

  • xEckoxEcko Member UncommonPosts: 21

    One of the best mmo's imo, if  WEMADE got rid of Game Network and started there own servers for European and America this game would be worth playing again

  • GMTeamGMTeam Member Posts: 2

    The USA server seems to be picking up lately and seems to be the best server with support. What I like about the game is the fact it is user friendly and the players in the community are pretty cool.

  • MandaloriusMandalorius Member Posts: 2


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