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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Guide to the HUTTBALL Warzone



  • ShivamShivam Member Posts: 465

    Originally posted by Czanrei

    This tutorial is a joke and so is Huttball.  BW forces everyone to be in a que for Huttball along with all the pvp warzones because BW knows there wouldn't be enough players to keep Huttball active since it is a joke. I was looking forward to the pvp in SWTOR, but I will never use Huttball. 

    The only thing that is irritating is the lack of selection of what warfront you want to join. But of all the warzones i experince huttball is the most fun, passing the ball might look easy but it is damn tough to co ordinate with other players. The most challenging warzone in SWTOR at the moment imo.

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  • SouldrainerSouldrainer Member Posts: 1,857

    She made a mistake.  There are NO mixed-faction teams.  But, you can play against your own faction.  Favorite strategy is to electrocute when they are trying to cross the fire.

    As a side note, the gameplay in this vid is terrible.  Not sure if on purpose?

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