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When will we get more stuff?

jungleninjajungleninja Member UncommonPosts: 206

I find it funny that we cant look up on their own forum when new stuff is coming. The skirmish mode would bring in truckloads of people, but its been postponed. The celts would bring in more people too, but its been postponed. Do they want to make it work or not?


  • jungleninjajungleninja Member UncommonPosts: 206

    Sad nothing before the holidays, so we would have something to do, well I guess they think 10 january people will still be waiting for their skirmish hall. They should have given it to us when we have time to play it. But I guess they think its still not good, so they would have to fix it in the holidays, so they dont release it and if then anything goes wrong they strill have time to fix it.

  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 2,005

    Yeah I was hoping for the update earlier too. Ahwell. Im just taking a break from the game and trying out SWTOR before I get bored of it too ;)

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