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question for all you gamers out there.

SlyGamer79SlyGamer79 Member Posts: 278

On average how many games do you own and how long do you keep them before you decide to sell them ?


I currently have about 14-15 ps3 games total however i haven't played about half of them in awhile and i tend to try and sell whatever ones i don't play alot and with some games if i get my platinum do have some replay value i keep longer however with some game series that have sequels i like to keep only the updated games to play. in any case i have about six games i'm selling even after i complete all my achievements and aren't that interesting after getting that done and i find are just too much of a pain to replay. so i suppose on average i keep maybe 10 games or so for my ps3.


oh forgot as for how long i've kept most have been a year or two and bought afew recently i had gotten abit into one didn't like it after i bought it,the other one i got the plat but really didn't see a reason for replay value and the third debating if i wanna try for a plat but hate to try multiplayer lol.




  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,870

    Have about 60 Xbox 360 games currently and about 70 PC games in my bookcase.  

  • sage3020sage3020 Member Posts: 23

    I usually don't sell my games. I'd like to think that someday, if I have kids, and they're into video games, I'll have a big box of old games for them to go through to see what it was like "back then." lol


    I have 15 pc games, 10 ps3 games, and 5 ps1 games. I used to have a lot of ps2 games but my house was robbed a few years ago.

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    I never sell my games! There always be a time that I want to play them again. For example last week, I suddenly felt the urge to play zelda a link to the past again on snes(Yes i still got my snes), haha I know way old school but ooooh so good, damn:D And today I started playing encahnted arms on PS3 again, the first game I played on PS3.

  • DewmDewm Member UncommonPosts: 1,337

    I never sell my games..


    Mainly just for the pure fact its not worth a trip into the game shop. I mean I can take it $1000.00 worth of xbox games.. and come out with 40 bucks... woop woop!


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  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    Originally posted by Dewm

    I never sell my games..


    Mainly just for the pure fact its not worth a trip into the game shop. I mean I can take it $1000.00 worth of xbox games.. and come out with 40 bucks... woop woop!


    Ever tried selling them on ebay? i think you can get much more money there. But if your a lazy to go to a game shop then maybe the trip to the post office isn't worth it at all for you hahaha:D

  • Drekker17Drekker17 Member Posts: 296

    I only sell games I didn't enjoy, otherwise I just keep them.

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  • ForTheCityForTheCity Member Posts: 307

    I have 2 360 games. Halo Reach and MW3. If I don't play my games for over 4 months then I'll just sell them and put the money towards a new game. I don't buy many games often anymore (2 a year at most). Most of the time I'll get a used game, if I beat it within a week I'll return it. If I can't beat it and I enjoy it, then I'll keep it. 

    I know some people love to collect games but I can't see myself keeping a game if they're not put to use. If I sell them to someone, they will put the game to better use than I can. I've had my fun, why not let someone else who can't afford the new copy some fun too?

  • LaserwolfLaserwolf Member Posts: 2,383

    I have about 30 Xbox 360 Games. I don't expect to play any again, but selling them just doesn't seem worth the effort for as little as I get. Also, most of my games were ones I bought for under $20 a few years after they had been out so they'd be worth nothing anyway. I highly recommend this actually. Games don't really feel dated and it allows me to not only get them for very cheap, but also I usually end up getting all the DLC included too.

    I like the idea of hanging on to them for my kids too. I kind of wish I could raise kids in relative isolation so they would think that the xbox 360 was the newest and greatest thing. It seems like it would sure save a lot of money(especially regifting old games for Christmas presents).


  • c0nceptc0ncept Member Posts: 13

    If I ever take back or sell a game it is the day or week after I bought it. In that time span I decide whether the game has any value to keep. I own about 60 games over 3 consoles and I may have sold 3 of them.

    Keep Gaming My Brethren.

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