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Fast overview before playing.

Lets see... Another copy of WoW, from what I have see crappy community, scammers, hacks and such...

The game looks ok. A good copy of wow, whit some nice features and graphics, I haven't tryid it yet, but I checked screenshots and such, also i already played other games from gPotato and i have to admit they have idiots working over there, no responsability and no respect, one of the GM's called me gay already lol. Even if i am it dosent matter for him right? (btw.. im not gay lol.)

What more... Oh yea. Cash shop sucks. I understand that all f2p needs cash shops, but some companies just don't know to make it smooth, gPotato, PWE, Aeria, Acclaim and some other few companies don't care for you or your char, or your life. They just want your money. And that's all.


Imma going to test it. Btw never go for people's overview/review. Test it and take your own conclusions.



  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO Member UncommonPosts: 1,326

    Do let us know how that went, or have you quit already?

  • newbihacknewbihack Member CommonPosts: 36

    * hmm about the GM, i remember a GM called chomp poped up in nowhere and smite the players in nezeb where the portal  is and killed everyone for no reason, but for now idk if this kind of behavior still active in one of the new GMs.

    *  the guilds you can kiss that goodbye, cuz it is a long way to get in one of these guilds.

    * lvling is slow yea unless u know how to use the fatigue system which is kinda is easy to lvl up with it, and after lvl40 the game gets Epic grindy and probably you going to need the exp scrolls from cash shop.

    * runes is what you need to do some real damage which yet again cash shop item.

    * do not worry about dyin too much but worry about an item which will shorten your time spend dead which is called myrrha or something like that.

    * to get some off skills buffs and heal you need to get incense to buff your char and support some of your main states.

    * mount is a joke anyway once you buying them you have to feed them in order to keep them fast.

    * heroic is way OP for a new fresh lvl capped char and you need at least lvl4 rune in each of your gear or  nobody will give u a run.

    I  played allods when first comes to OB and after a few patchs when Gipat patch released I stopped playing allods cuz of the disconnection issues that I had on their nezeb server.

  • huskerman34huskerman34 Member UncommonPosts: 252

    Things have changed since the gipat  patch.  there in no longer runes in gear . They have made strides until now. Now this game is dead especailly in Tenesses. Runes are easier to get to a decent level without forking out real cash. The only knock on this game is the endgame and lack of content for higher level players.  Astrals are dull and repetivite and the dailies offer no gold that higher level players need to upgrade their gear and buy mryth that you need and to pay for tele charges. Like i posted before Gpotato is hurting this game and they lack inavation .  I dont know what the hell Gpotato is doing. 

    Edgar F Greenwood

  • newbihacknewbihack Member CommonPosts: 36

    oh so they make runes easy to get after many players dumped a lot of money?

    heck I am never going back or think about the game, because they are tryin to ripoff the players money.

    For sure this kind of companies should be sued for having such kind of scaming, what a mofo hope they get the reall arrow to

    the kneecuz GW2 is on the way.


  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO Member UncommonPosts: 1,326

    Runes are easier to maintain since you no longer need (CS) kits to create slots or whatever they used to call them in your gear. Runes are probably still as expensive as before but when you get high level you can grind the gold and buy the chips on the AH.

    I don't think they're ripping off players, their investment in runes is still there and quite solid.

    Here's hoping for a strictly non-P2W cash shop in GW2 and if that happens Allods is going to lose a lot of players who are fed up with the money grabs.

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