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FadedbombFadedbomb Member Posts: 2,081

About the game:

-If you loved UO you'll enjoy this game. Albeit it only has ~3 devs right now, but they're well on the right path!

-Game is "Free-To-Play", and their online store's moto is:

"Part of our core design philosophy is that goals be achieved in game, not in the store."

I've yet to see them sell something unbalanced, and most of the things in the store were put there because people who play ASKED the devs to make some high priced items as a way to say "thank you". The most expensive item in the store is 160points (or around $40), and it is a suit of "Cosmetic" platemail that you can absorb looted items into in order to be functional. Again, NOTHING sold is unbalanced, or rarely cannot be obtained from within the game itself with your own willpower. Their general feel towards the game is that IF you like the game enough you can say "thank you" by paying for something.

     The devs also set it up so you can GIFT items from the store to people using their "unique ID" allowing players to TRADE store points for in-game currency. Meaning, you could pretty much play the game 100% FOR FREE & still obtain items from the store via in-game credits from other players!



-Game is a true sandbox where land CAN be purchased, owned, and built on by players who use a "Claim Stake". These "stakes" can be purhcased from the in-game store for $10 that lasts for 30days (essentially a $10/month subscription to own REAL tangable land in the game)! This is comperable to a subscription IF you like the game enough to do so!


-Game has NO levels, and you can only become stronger by USING skills! Game is also built around "active" actions meaning there's really not much you can AFK grind that will benefit you whatsoever.


-WARNING: Game can be HIGHLY addictive if you don't watchout! I've burned my entire christmas break on it, and I still haven't regretted it :P!

ps: The game is fairly hardcore, but isn't TOO grindy. If you're part of the "instant gratification" crowd you will NOT like this game!


Keys: As more keys, and as long as the devs allow it, become available i'll post them here IF enough interest is shown. Also, people whom get keys can ALSO send out keys via the "Invite a Friend" button on the launcher.








-keys in red are used

Use them when you CREATE an account! Their SMTP server was down for the past 3 days and NOT sending out validation emails. However, it's confirmed back up tonight & if you have any issues let me know :)!



IGN: Kahleem



pss: I FREAKING HATE "Free-To-Play" games because their devs/publishers end up going the "Pay-To-Win" route. These guys have STAYED "FREE-To-Play" for over 2yrs now in their development. The FIRST F2P game i've found, AND enjoyed!

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  • availeravailer Member Posts: 3

    Huge thanks buddy, I'll see you in-game!


    I used 38E26C5C

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