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SWTOR's biggest current issue - Combat Responsiveness



  • saniceksanicek Member UncommonPosts: 368

    The combat is very unresponsive indeed. Especially in PVP this is a gamebreaking issue. It is not immediately obvious for everyone, but if you are a good gamer, have good rig and good connection and are used to WOWs milisecond perfect execution, it is very clear. I don't know what they plan to do about it, but I sure hope something gets done fast, else this could cost them a lot of subs.

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  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679

    I actually posted quite a bit on that thread trying to reproduce the bugs.


    Basically - the effects not happening until a certain point in the animation is intended


    The things like animations being cancellable after casting or the casting bar being too short for certain abilitiesmaybe a side effect of the engine or something like that.


    I dont have any of the bug-problems people posted on that thread.  The only thing thats 100% noticeable to every single player is the fact that the ability effects happening at a certain point in the animations.  Some abilities happen in the last few centi seconds of the gcd and some halfway through the gcd.


    I know the scoundrels distract happens between 25% and 50%  of the gcd spin and riposte happens at 50% of the gcdspin.

    These I think are intended. But things like the mount being cancellable might be a side effect of the engine but they really should tune those to include animations to happen DURING the cast time kind of like CO


    Edit :

    Its not really "unresponsive".  It actually is responsive.  The only thing is that the effect happens at a certain point of the animation.  This gives the feeling of unresponsiveness to the person controlling but looks nicer to the person watching. In WoW you usually see the damage wayyy before the animation of actually hitting the d00d happens.  I actually find it awkward to watch controls real well though!!

    Also it doesnt affect all the skills.  The in combat hide thing for my scoundrel happens as instantly as a rogues vanish in WoW. 

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  • sam7dustsam7dust Member Posts: 6

    I posted this video on the TOR fourms and will post it here too, its a little demo of the lack of fluid combat.



    If you need me to go in depth of what happened or dont understand what is being demonstrated you are probably on the side of the fence where you don't understand what everyone is bitching about.

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