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Knight: Level 30-66 in a day omgz!

GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

No cheats, or hacks.  A friend of mine had a Knight, so I made one as well.  We both started at 30 and got to 66 in a day.  The trick is to grind it out.  If you have a Knight, you'll notice pretty much any mob within 10-15 levels will only deal 1 damage to you (as long as you have max on the +physical defense skill).  What you do is go to a map that has mobs about 20 levels higher than you (some mobs in the 50+ can do some damage even to a knight) and start killing.  Set the party to EXP (yes I know Zed is better, but exp works for this).  When the party gets to 3000 pay points, pay it.  You will notice that the party points go up pretty decently.  If at all possible try to get your hands on some gear with +dex (it will help you from missing, although skills don't miss as much as normal attacks forsome reason).  It's that simple, it took us about 20-21 hours to do it.


Level 30s we started in the area past the Wreck (the name escapes me, but there's a Hero Pirate on the final map)  The Hero and the pirates that throw pitchfork-looking weapons are mainly what you're after.

Level 37-38, we moved to The Road to the Temple (i think that's the right name).  You will take alot of damage, but the mobs are fairly easy to kill with 2 Knights (these guys give alot of party points).

It's fairly simple, as soon as mobs you're fighting start doing less than 10-20 damage it's time to move to higher level mobs :)  We were able to just use these two spots to get to 66.  Later today we hope to be in the 90s at least :)


Edit: My build right now is 150 STR, 50 DEX, rest into Vit.  My friend is 50 DEX, half and half in STR/VIT


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