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Why Im glad theres NO PVP

Ok I'm tiered of everyone whining that there will be no pvp when the game comes out. I'm glad there will be no pvp IN LOTR online. Why because it doesn't fit in the world that Tolken made.  Now I could see dueling witch would be cool but as for PvP, why. remember this is in the middle of the Ring War and the 4 race are sapost to be working together (Heck even the Dwarfs and elf but differences to the side to fight in the war.) and stop there world from being destroyed. To have PvP would be very out of place and is not what Lord of the Rings is about. 

May be in later explanations well get to play the orcs and other evil race, but for now we cant. When they do that then we should be having PvP. But the fact they will have GM run raid on cites would be very cool. Heck they could have instants for raids and have 40 on 1000 fight. Besides PvP is the easiest thing in the world to do and requires no thought or creativity to it. So for all those who hate LOTR because there will be no PvP go back to all the other MMO with PvP and leave us to ours. Now let the flame war begin.

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  • knightknifeknightknife Member Posts: 384

    *Sigh* they should at least let us play as evil characters such as orcs, humans, and Urak-hai. Of course it would not be just like the books but it could be close. I wish the game could have good vr. evil

  • MerodocMerodoc Member Posts: 227
    It has been explained thoroughly by the developers of Lord of the Rings Online that good versus evil, in that broadened sense, is directly contrary to the nature of Tolkein's books. Why acquire the license if not to pursue the most accurate road possibly? Turbine has done well, and having orcs with Mage133344 as their names would ruin in, altogether.

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