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New player looking for hepfull linkshell in Selbina

tryklontryklon Member UncommonPosts: 1,370

Hello, just started playing the game and im still getting the hang of it, but coming from alot of console JRPG's im feeling pretty much at home with the combat system.

I was thinking that it would be easier if I could join a friendly linkshell to actually get some help in starting and advancing in the game. Anyone interested in having me join one?

I play pretty much all days at least 1 or 2 hours and I like to explore all the options in the games, but like I said, im still new =)


  • BelarionBelarion Member Posts: 570

    Hey .


    You are most welcome to join my linkshell called The Tower. We're on Selbina and currently focusing on being a social/helpful linkshell. Endgame will be a natural evolution when the majority of us are capable of taking part. We are also LGBT Friendly, if that matters to you at all.


    PM Jho Stumps or Asher Stark(me) in game to get a pearl.


    Hope to see you soon.

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