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City of Heroes: The Statesman Will Fall

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

Seven years of protection is a long time. In City of Heroes, the job of protecting the citizens of Paragon City has fallen to Statesman but his days are numbered. Paragon Studios has announced that in the continuation of the Signature Story Arc that will go live next month, Statesman will meet his match "on the field of battle".

Episode 5 of the Story Arc will be free to VIP players and others who wish to participate in the unraveling of epic events can purchase this and preceding episodes in the Paragon Market.

Read more on the City of Heroes site.




  • Servant-XIIServant-XII Member Posts: 34

    I find this a little disappointing to one degree but I have a couple reasons I believe they chose Statesman. These are just speculations mind you.

    One reason is because Statesman was the hero that represented Jack Emmert who has been long gone from this game and if you ask some people, happily so. So they wanted to get rid of that last piece from the past in keeping with trying to make the game new in identity.

    The second possible reason is because people tend to dislike good guys any more. I mean genuine good guys. The Supermans and Captain Americas. When we look at comicdom, everything is dark (which got ridiculously out of hand and fans caught on to that also). It is a reflection of society and the world culture.

    However, I'm curious as to why they announced it instead of just letting it play out and letting people find out for themselves. The spoiler has me shaking my head a bit.

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  • blackafricablackafrica Member Posts: 17

    Though I am not surprised it will be Statesman, I am a little disappointed with the spoiler.

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