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This site is becoming nsfw



  • korent1991korent1991 Member UncommonPosts: 1,364

    Originally posted by just1opinion

    Originally posted by marinrider

    Originally posted by eyelolled

    I personally hate the political correctness of todays western society.   Being afraid of what someone else will think just because it's an ad on a website? What about television, and magazines? When is the last time anyone has seen some fat ugly ape of a woman washing the turd stains out of her drunkard husbands underwear on the cover of Good Housekeeping? It's always some airbrushed bimbo who only graces the cover of the magazine because she's a trophy wife that has nothing to do but write stories about how to really make your cookies crumble.


    People don't read magazines, or watch TV, or play videogames, or browse the internet for a fun dose of reality. They want to see the grass that's greener on the other side. They want to see big jugs tightly wrapped under clothing that nobody would rightly wear. They want to see what they can't have or can't be.  They want to feel that beastial urge remind them that they are still human, and humans are really just animals in denial.


    So when that nosy snobfaced douche looks over your shoulder and says " Eww, why do you read that crap " just look them straight in the eye and say " because otherwise I'd have to look at you " ²


    ² - not recommended for marital discussions.

    Its hard to tell whats an ad though sometimes.  Specifically the ones that encompas the header of the website. I dont normally see websites go so far as to sell their entire header and background as adspace.

    And only a certain market wants to see that.  The female market wants to see it because of what you said, "I could be like this" type of stuff.  Just like rednecks watch WWE because "I could be that big and strong and kick ass!" when everyone knows its fake.

    I like your final quote though, good stuff.


    I'm female and I don't want to see that.  I don't think I'm alone either.

    Supporthing ^

    And I gotta say it for my self... I do not agree with you on the female market part. It's totally unrealistic and it's clearly just an assumption. I don't see why any girl would want to dress up like an anime chineese wh***, it's repulsing and fugly (hell I don't even see why asian market likes it so much).

    Other than that I'm fine with ads, I don't really take anything personally... It's just people trying to make some money to run this awesome web site and I support it 100%. 

    "Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life."

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