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Returning to SWG or new to the game? Read Me! *updated*



  • madmark1971madmark1971 Member Posts: 2

       Hi girls and guys

            A couple of  weeks back tried SWG for the 1st time (trial version) and thought it was better than some mmo`s ive played of late so i bought the game through steam it was late so i decided to set it up the following morning, was really looking forward to playing the game only to find to my horror SOE has gone offline due to technical hitch/maintenance/hacked whatever you want to beleive, talk about bad timing or what.

          Anyway thought id just say hello and look forward to playing this game hopfully in the very near future.

          As a foot note i will be looking to join a friendly/social guild so any invites will be welcome. 

  • TheiskareotTheiskareot Member Posts: 43

    Hey Obraik... lol if you are still playing....  I had to say..


    WHATS UP?   How goes your Star Wars game?  ....


    Yeah ..I know.. you can say it... we told you so.

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