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Calling All Star Wars Galaxies Players!

Greetings MMORPG.com members!


My name is Jamie, and I'm posting here for the first time in need of your help! I am currently a freelance writer for a number of videogame outlets (Linky), and have recently been tasked with writing a feature for PCPowerplay Magazine - one of Australia's largest PC magazines.


That article, as you could have probably guessed by now, is in relation to Star Wars Galaxies. Basically, I want to know what happens to an MMO and its community (that's you guys!) when an MMO shuts down.


I'm looking for any and all SWG players happy to offer a few minutes of their time. All this will involve is a quick (or long) text chat on your IM platform of choice, discussing your thoughts on everything from why you started playing, through to what you think of the game's closure, and everything in between.


I'm also looking for a player or two to chat with DIRECTLY after the game shuts down - we're talking within minutes (ok, maybe hours) - to get your first-hand reaction once the lights go out.


If anyone's interested, feel free to post a reply, send me a message or contact me via Twitter (@Sir_JD)


I look forward to any and all replies. And, as the subject of the article is the game's closure, if you're interested, you had better get in quick!

Regards, Jamie


  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,920

    Good idea.Although not an active swg sub so will probably not much use to you ,i sympathize with players when the game world ends.it kills friendship,sprouts emotions etc.

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