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What do you see yourself doing in SWTOR 6 months after launch?

All those threads about SWTOR retention made me think of one question.


This is a question for those who will be subscribed for SWTOR for at least 6 months. Those who like the game and want it be their home.


I am not interested in opinions of those who don't fall into that category.


There is one assumption I make: no _major_ content update 6 months in.


So, you've played the game for 6 months already. You are logging in. What are you going to do in the game?


P.S. This is not trolling. I am not implying there is nothing to do in SWTOR. I genuinely want to learn people's tastes, nothing more.



  • KidonKidon Member UncommonPosts: 399

    Probably pvping pveing crafting new stuff will depend if they introduced new content or not, wont really be playing a new class that soon since i'm not that type of player i choose 1 class and improve to max on it pvp wise as gear


    Glory to the Empire

  • DexterMMODexterMMO Member Posts: 484

    I love SWTOR but I'm also a PvPer in heart thanks to UO being my first MMO experience. I promised my heart to SWTOR until GW 2 launches, If the PvP content is fun I will retain my sub and participate in the PvP aspects on the side from GW2 if it's not... then I probably won't return until theres expansion content for me to knock out.

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  • face30face30 Member UncommonPosts: 193

    More than likely I will still be maxxing out my first toon,and messing with some alts. No hurry here, I will craft , explore, check out everything the game has to offer.

  • Zookz1Zookz1 Member Posts: 629

    If the PVE endgame is any good, I'll be doing that. If it's not, then I'll probably unsub. I may PVP, but I've given up all hope on themepark MMO PVP ever being any good, but maybe TOR will prove me wrong.

  • MadatanMadatan Member UncommonPosts: 182

    Run around in low-level areas and hunting noobs!

    But seriously, I have never played an MMO longer than 6 months so I just hope I will still be enjoying the game, any part of it at all. Otherwise I will most likely be playing GW2 and TSW.

  • ariestearieste Member UncommonPosts: 3,309

    If i'm still around 6 months in, it's because the PvE endgame offers something challenging to do.   At this point i don't know enough about how good the PvE endgame is to specify. 

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  • PukeBucketPukeBucket Member Posts: 867

    More so then than now.

    I have a feeling they'll adapt the game to make it something more than what it is currently. Or so I hope.

    If it's still as souless as it is now by it's first expansion then I'll probably never play it.

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  • gboostergbooster Member UncommonPosts: 712

    I am really excited about this game and all, but I doubt I will still be playing in 6 months. The thing with a story based game like this is that it's kind of a one shot deal.


    Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World along with my neverending WoW subscription is probably where I will be located in cyberspace.

  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,686

    I hope i'll be playing GW2 by then, while wayting on new story content for SWTOR

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  • IcewhiteIcewhite Member Posts: 6,403

    Six months?  Sure.  Won't have exhausted the content by then.

    Six months with no additional update would be a little worrisome though.   "Uh, guys?  Hello, any devs out there?"

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  • oakthornnoakthornn Member UncommonPosts: 863

    What do I see myself doing 6 months after TOR is released??


    Hmm, well If things go according to my little plan, I'm hoping beyond all hope I'll be labeled as one of the many Guild War2coholics!!!!!!!! :)))

    If Guild Wars 2 isn't out by then, I'll most likely be playing as a Monk in WoW :))

    As for TOR, I literally now have no desire to play the game as a MMORPG... I plan to play throgh my storyline, then when it gets stale within a month, I'll quit..... 

    Maybe not expecting anything from TOR is a great thing.. Maybe going into the launch with a mindset that it's mainly a story driven single player rpg will allow me to enjoy the game for what it is, and not complaining and crying over what my little vision can see it becoming...

    Personally, after playing Beta for about a month and trying out 5 classes, there literally is nothing in that game I haven't really seen before in another mmorpg..  To me, WoW is actually more fun and addicting with the best lore/story I've ever experienced.. However, this isn't saying that I don't feel TOR's story will be good...  I just don't see this game at the way it was engineered and set up to challenge WoW in the long term...   This time next year I will predict out of the 3-5 million people that purchased the game at launch,,, there will be maybe,, just maybe 500,000 subs left around then.. Some new, and some old...  That's my prediction...

    Well, heres to hoping 6 months from now I'll be loving GW2 or still enjoying WoW's new MOP expansion...


    Rallithon Oakthornn
    (Retired Heirophant of the 60th season)

  • SiveriaSiveria Member UncommonPosts: 1,419

    Probally  moved on by the second month, since the game honestly doesn't offer anything intersting to keep me playing. land control pvp would keep me there but 1: it lacks it, and 2, there is seperate pvp gear i'd have to grind thru insted of being able to just use my raided gear.

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  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 18,719

    Probably leveling my 3rd or 4th character... just like I've done in every MMO. Except this time I'll be doing it with a ton of unique quests I hadn't done before.

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  • WhitebeardsWhitebeards Member Posts: 778

    If a MMO can hook you up for 6 months, i would say job well done. And i can see myself easily sticking for 6 months. Also, i am sure Bioware will add lot more content by those 6 months are over.

  • BossalinieBossalinie Member UncommonPosts: 724

    To keep me for 6 months means the game has gone above the call of duty for.

    Don' plan on playing it for more 3 months, good or bad. When I first started playing MMOs, I hought the objective was to ry to live forever in the virtual world. WoW has caused me to miss TONS on great games during its reign. No longer...3 months and move on for me. Ever since I installed in myself that mentality, I have pure enjoyed this genre.

  • stragen001stragen001 Member UncommonPosts: 1,720

    At launch I will be playing 2 characters - one with my RL friends, and one not so I expect I will still be levelling both of those chars - it normally takes me about 3 - 4 months to max 1 char....

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  • oubersoubers Member UncommonPosts: 855

    i'll be lvling....lolz.....casual player here :p hehe


  • poefuepoefue Member Posts: 226
    World PvP.
  • EcocesEcoces Member UncommonPosts: 879

    find ways to grief people.

  • DraemosDraemos Member UncommonPosts: 1,521

    Honestly, I don't know.  If it can keep me 6 months I'll be pretty impressed tbh... the last MMO to do that was WoW.

    I'm not much of a raider anymore, and the hardmode flashpoints will probably be dried up long before then.  I'll probably be PvPing, but I have serious doubts about TOR's PvP longevity w/out some sort of competitve system in place.

    Best thing TOR could have done is put in a robust PvP end-game to keep people occupied between content patches.  I think they missed the mark on that, and I have a feeling it's going to hurt them.

  • apollobsg75apollobsg75 Member Posts: 66

    typing a list of movie titles using JAWA as the key word in general chat.

  • TalthanysTalthanys Member Posts: 458

    GW2, most likely. If the PvP is fun and addictive at end-game, there is a good possibility I'll remain.


  • kaliniskalinis Member Posts: 1,428

    leveling alts, raiding, doing new content tor puts out. Bioware is fast at work already on content post release.

    Crafting  , world pvp for fun.  Space was mroe fun then i expected when i tired it so i might actually be doing some of the space game 

    Start fox or not for what it is its quite fun.

    Flashpoints, warzones i expect ill be playng all aspects of tor. and eagarly awaint the next expac or content patch. 

    u realize tor has 11 pvp lakes with objectives including ffa pvp zone on tatooine? U realize they have a persistant objective based pvp planet in illum ? i dont understand the competitive pvp unless u mean arenas and im not sure if tor will ever do arenas or not

    that said there open world pvp zones on 11 worlds and the pvp on illum shoudl keep any pvper busy if they get bored of warzones. 

  • RobsolfRobsolf Member RarePosts: 4,607

    Crafting, levelling, and looking for chrons.  Can't keep playing AT LEAST every other day, forever.  I'll be doing all 8 classes, and they'll probably take about a month each to level.

  • RayzornRayzorn Member Posts: 7

    Im going to enjoy this game, so I will not rush to level cap.

    After 6 months I will most likely be pvping, crafting, and leveling up alts.





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