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Is there anything that is not ruining MMO's?



  • StonesDKStonesDK Member UncommonPosts: 1,805

    Everything "I" don't like is ruining MMORPGs which is a lot. I have come to realize that his generation of MMORPGs isn't for me. Here's hoping for the next generation.

  • CalerxesCalerxes Member UncommonPosts: 1,641

    Originally posted by Cuathon

    Originally posted by Calerxes

    Originally posted by Cuathon

    Originally posted by Icewhite

    Originally posted by Metentso

    There is only one thing that ruined MMOs: GREED.

    One man's greed is another man's dividend.

    Unless you buy into the anticorporate mindset that says profit is inherently sinful, to me it's fine if a company makes a buck.  Making a buck means that they get to hire more people and make more games.

    You get what you pay for--seems to be a concept that a lot of people are having trouble with, here in the strange sub-universe where AAA is expected to be donated to players free of charge.

    Well in America there is massive anti corporate sentiment. And pretty much no one subscribes to free market theory anymore. So yes some profit is obtained sinfully. FYI classical capitalism actually involves theoretically perfect user information. Since game companies refuse to let people test out their game before buying it and prevent reviewers from releasing pre release day reviews, that is actually incredibly anti capitalist of them. I am sorry but so many defenders of big business refuse to acknowledge that they violate capitalist theory all day every day.


    Its like shooting fish in a barrel, so the mass participant SW:TOR beta weekends that have been ongoing theses past few months and the multiple Rift beta weekends and Beta's in genral are not being used as try before you buy? do you even read this message board? I used to subscribe to a magazine and on that magazine was a free CD of many new game trials and thats been going on for years. Your arguments are hilarious.



    I can give you a dozen more links about NDAs if you want. I had a better one somewhere, probably on gamasutra but im lazy.


    I really do not see the revelence of that whole article to what I said it explains what an NDA is but NDA's eventually get lifted way before a game is released, Rift's was lifted a couple of months before release, SW:TOR was lifted a week before the last beta weekend, which they gave away tens of thousands of beta keys across loads of websites and all information about the game is now out in the open so no manipulation or secrets left players know what the game is about and can make a judgment on whether its worth buying or not. With other MMO's you just get into an open beta and see game for yourself so again whats the revelance to what I said? You can still trial a game before you buy it with Closed Beta's, Open Beta's and downloadable trials.

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  • ZoyitaZoyita Member Posts: 119

    Originally posted by gladosrev2

    Originally posted by VengeSunsoar

    Let me tell you something has to give somewhere.  Either gamers start accepting a game that is lacking something in the hope it can get it later, or technology must leap forward and there be a way to give these things cheaper.

    .. or the devs get to work and start putting at least a little effort in, instead of going down the path of least resistance to their monthly paycheck. Sorry but the technology is sufficiently developped to deliver a great MMO already, and we the gamers are the paying ones so we are the boss in the house. End of discussion.

    I agree with this quote also i just want to have fun in game, not to get broke in my pocket, i dont want to feel other people have more advantage than i do buy passing their credit card.

    Why the developers cant use their their publicity or advertisement department to get some sponsors, and most of the time this companies are sub divided into 2 or 3 companies together supporting the project. Theres no excuse to not have a budget to support the costs of the game. theres thousands companies who will pay money and support just to have and add in the game or a event in game related with their company and that will give us fun to the players too.

    BTW im having fun for now playing DC universe. Only advantage from CS so far is like 5% advantage to the people who buys DLC packs just because of a slight better stronger powers, but also if people dont know how to play the advantage will get disolved xD

  • CalerxesCalerxes Member UncommonPosts: 1,641

    Originally posted by komarr

    So you really don't understand the nature of addiction? experience trumps any academic knowledge I'm afraid to let you know so when you have personal experience of being an addict and recovering from addiction come to me and we can share experiences., until then keep with the conspiracy theories because I know it makes you world seem comfortable knowing that the world is being controlled by evil corporations trying to get us all addicted to their products. 

    That outmoded idea has been rejected for years by the vast majority of people working in addictions counseling, including those who are themselves in recovery.  The primary reason for this is simple: I'm not trying to help you be a better addict, I'm trying to help you learn to live clean.  Now whether I'm in recovery, or have never been addicted, I can use that "personal experience" to bear.  My heart surgeon doesn't need to have had a triple bypass in order for him/her to be good.  Also, trynot to be suprised bugt the entire field of addictions treatment isn't all about YOU.  If you want the focus to be on all the particular aspects of your life that you think mkae your addiction different then everyone else's, fine. I hope you have the time and money for years of in depth psycho-analysis.

    Research into addiction is no different then any other medical field: find the physical and psychological features that the majority of folks suffering from addiction share, find out which ones need to be altered in order for the patient to live clean, and the best ways to effect those changes.  This idea of "but MY problem is special and you can't possibly understand" is usually used as an excuse for simply not trying to get better.  Every medical and psychological disorder has people who have atypical presentations, but to say your that way up front is just bs.


    I really have no clue to what you are getting at here, I personally have been an addict and I am now not an addict due to sorting out the underlying problems that caused me to be an addict in the first place, that gives me an insight into the nature of addiction that no amount of academic training can ever give and you actually agree with me in your post, I am not a unique snowflake as you point out all addicts share common themes within their personal addiction and academics ie psychotherapist use these insights to help others get cured of this malaise. The only thing I can see is you've jumped to conclusions so to clarify, I understand addiction because I, with the help of psychotherapy, have cured myself thats all I was getting at. 



    I must apologise to Venge for taking this threa way off topic.

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  • SupersoupsSupersoups Member Posts: 1,004

    Originally posted by Metentso

    Originally posted by Supersoups

    The perfect MMO that exists only and only in my head is ruining MMOS......

    That, or is it just the first kiss. You guys have all the excuses to keep playing the souless MMOs we have now. Good work!.

    Yeah ofcourse but using that perfect MMO (which does not exist) as an excuse to not play any MMO is all right i guess.


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