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Is this game fun?

LashleyLashley Member UncommonPosts: 587

Gonna start playing it, give it a go. I'll be on the PVE server. Anyone play that?


  • LashleyLashley Member UncommonPosts: 587

    So....Nobody then?

  • RiotgirlRiotgirl Member UncommonPosts: 520

    Once I've fixed my Pc issue and caught up with work assignments, I'll be playing. After GV, I'll head to Wild [PvP] - probably HoTS [Hoards of the Summoned]. 

    The official forum is hopping with activity:

    I did momentarily consider the Freedom servers, but due to the strict PvE rules (cannot even steal someone's farmyard animals - unless undeeded), I thought I might have more fun over in Wild. I want the freedom to be able to slaughter my enemies' women, and and hear their lamentation of their farmyard stock (er, HOLD on a minute ..).

    Seriously, a game in which you can kidnap someone's cow? I'm all in!


    "If you think I'm plucky and scrappy and all I need is love, you're in way over your head. I don't have a heart of gold or get nice. There are a lot nicer people coming up. We call them losers."

  • GramulyGramuly Member Posts: 1

    Is it fun?

    I am enjoying it.

    I have played many games over the years.

    Its how enjoy my free time.

    I am not the best video game player so car races or first person shooter can be a bit difficult for me.  I also dont have a bunch of time to grind grind grind.

    For me... This is the best mmorpg I have ever played. Why? I dont have to stand at some node and mine over and over for just resources and skill. When I mine in this game I am digging an underground cavehome. I get skills and resources but also construct usefull items and rooms at the same time.

    I dont have to stand at some tree and chop chop chop and the tree never falls. In this game the tree falls. Then I cut it up and build a house where it use to stand. That is fun.

    I cant think of anything this game does not let me do, In just the first few weeks. I found a place to build a home, dig a cave, cook some food, trade with other players and prepair for battle. I can hide deep in the forest or on a mountian top or in the city. I can live at sea in a boat eating only fish or even sneek into enemy lands for more danger and adventure.

    Ive only read one post on the game here in It was some complaint about how money and trade work in the game. Well.... I like it the way it is. Yes I can build most things I need and dont have to spend real money to get them. That is good. I would be turned off if I had to pay real money just to have a table or chair. If you wanted to you could purchase things faster then you can build them. I did not want to wait a few more weeks so I spent about 1.5 Euro for a sail boat with lock and anchor. I was happy to do it but it was not something I felt I had to do. I bought it from another player would will use that money to pay for a premium service that allows for higher skill lvls. One could play with no money at all and not be a second class player. Again it the best set up for a MMorg I have ever seen.

    I must warn you thoe. There is real danger in this game. Dont walk around with real money on your avatar. Dont go building on others land or talking smack to whom ever you feel. Its like real life. Steal from your neighbor and you may find yourself face down in the water while he and his friends smash your home-kill your pets and trample on your farm lands. Other then that... enjoy the the game.



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