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A mature RP Enforced MMORPG

ComafComaf Member UncommonPosts: 1,150

There are a plethora of free to play and a few regular pay mmorpgs created for an audience that is either very young or wants to have a very simple gaming experience that can't be taken seriously at all.

There are a few sandbox titles - the quality varies, and with Shadowbane gone I have to question the sincerity of the genre. 

There is some pseudo - deranged RP out there (Goldshire on Moongard in WoW...) where themes such as college RP, family RP, erotic RP, etc exist .  Sexually frustrated predators, the mentally ill, etc are covered here.

BUT...there are no mature (not necessarily M rating, I am referring to intellectually developed) mmorpgs that involve a real role-playing community set in an immersive world.

When will an RP enforced mmorpg for medieval/sci fi or whatever be created?  Enforced as in, general chat is enforced by CSRs.  If someone logs in and spams general and starts talking about body parts or swearing or who the best porn star is, then they get muted for said chat.  Further issues result in a ban.  Don't like this?  Choose the games made for  you that litter the genre. 

What are we hungry for?

The world is ready for a Medieval fantasy mmorpg with servers that expect you to stay in character (Not necessarily 'Ye lass how doth ye fare')...I am just referring to staying in character.  Nothing more, but nothing less.  Feel free to speak on anything - as long as it relates to the in game world.  If I am a dwarf warrior, I won't be talking about my skill tree or how cool Star Wars Galaxies used to be.  I will just stay in character (REAL RP IS WHEN YOU COMMIT TO KEEPING YOUR ENVIRONMENT AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE...) 


Give us an RP environment we can immerse in.  If it's medieval fantasy. I don't want to see silly pets, pixies, and Easter egg hunts at the local inn.  Crafting should include siege machines, ships, boats, casltes, walls, guild houses, personal housing, etc.

Is it too much to ask for differences between enemies?

Half of what put the medieval world at war was differences (religion, political beliefs, etc).   I want variation.  I don't want 5 races and 2 factions or 5 races and no factions.  I don't want to fight enemies with MIRRORS of my class or classes in my faction because the developers are afraid to offend someone or make someone jealous of the opposing realms.  I want to be able to recognize an enemy WITHOUT A RED NAME TAG...I should be able to look at my enemy in  a fantasy setting and say, "That's a human, elf, dwarf, etc, obvious enemy..." or on the contrary, "That's a troll, dark, elf, etc."



How about Skyrim meets Medieval Total War meets Dark age of Camelot? Any developers out there that understand this would have huge appeal?




  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,149

    A lot of people have wanted that but it is too expensive manpower wise.  There were "enforced" servers before in several games that all faded away or the enforcement was a joke.


    I would love to see that as well. . . just too many griefers who would find it funny to log in as "Stu Pidnaime" etc.  Best bet is to find a private server of some kind. 

    Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!

  • ConsumerConsumer Member Posts: 9

    That would be a beautiful dream...but given the reality of the gamer demographic, I think having RP only cover the whole world entire is a forlorn hope. Tabletop RP has enough problem with distraction...I mean, who can resist the siren song of chips and kitties jumping on the table at intervals? I can't. Just multiply those distractions by the game's total CCU and throw in the fact that there is probably a 30 year age range between players, who are all in different time zones and even countries. Probably the most realistic option is to just guild up with like-minded folks and shun contact with outsiders to the maximum possible extent.

    [Who used to have a macro to scold people asking "so, what does RP mean?" seconds after logging on to my RP-Only Server? This guy.]

    Ever Onward,


  • demonboxdemonbox Member Posts: 34

    Originally posted by Consumer

    .. Tabletop RP has enough problem with distraction...I mean, who can resist the siren song of chips and kitties jumping on the table at intervals? I can't...


    heheh have to agree, being playin tabletop RPGs since i was 5 (meh that makes almost 30 years..) i've always succumbed to distractions, but i guess here the problem is another.

    Like others already pointed out, you can't keep the MMO part sticked to the RPG, not without a huge amount of  manpower dedicated to "law enforcement" (kickin out dudes not roleplaying etc)

    you either do like Consumer suggested, find some likeminded guys and guild up, tryin to ignore the "WTS max lvl xx" or  the Chuck Norris memes etc


    skip MMOs at all, best online RPG experience i had was on a small NWN shard i contributed to run, was a pain in the axx kickin every moron out of it, and trust me we were small and not very publiciezed aswell, but somehow they always found their way in ...


    thou i'd really love a game like the one the OP suggest

  • tazarconantazarconan Member Posts: 1,013

    Comaf , im all the way with u mate. If u had a sincere leader developer member of a grand dev company next to u trying to answer for the things u mentioned the most probable answer would be somethin like this : Ok i agree , i hate to see elfs hunters running in my servers with the name of Legolol or Elrodxxx or Bunnycrusher and also live up to their names with alongside retarded behavior during their playtimes. Sadly the ammount of dedicated role players wont make us make enough money so we could ban or either keep away from the game all those happy ppl, thew company wouldnt agree to loose all that money.

    Personally , i played over 5 years wow in 2 Rp realms 1 as ally 1 as horde and i have greatmemories of meeting extraordinary Roleplayers that made the game expirience we all had lot much bettter. Honestly i think every medieval mmorpg that comes out owes us at least the precence of 1 RP Realm with heavy rp rules concerning names ,dm's that actively participate on gamers activities by creating events or other stuff,checkign every hour of day behaviors talks in channels and ofc applied names of the players in that server.

    They also though have to make, such tools to provide a greater RP expirtience in such a game. I wish some day we see such a game in the shelfs.

  • camil82camil82 Member UncommonPosts: 50

    hi all,

    then i saw this conversation about mature public games and i looked on list that this mmo i found is not listed wanted just to apply it.

    i found a mature mmorpg named Kabod online, just goggle it at and you will find its official site, and check it out if like it nice if not same way,just wanted to le t everyone know about that game .

  • demonboxdemonbox Member Posts: 34

    Originally posted by tazarconan

    Sadly the ammount of dedicated role players wont make us make enough money so we could ban or either keep away from the game all those happy ppl, thew company wouldnt agree to loose all that money.


    that's another good reason 'cause our dreams (yes i share the same desire with the OP) will never become reality.

    As long as delevopers are after money (nothing bad in it tbh considering it's their job) they will never cut off potential customers by being "nasty RP nazis"

    but that goes also for tabletop, for instance have you seen which direction a "popular" RP brand like D&D has taken?

    D&D < AD&D >>D&D 3rd > D&D 3.5 >> D&D 4th

    and again when you play tabeltop RP games many times you use premade adventures/characters/settings?


    point is good/"real"  RP is made by players for players not by developers for money

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