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Open Letter regarding Mabinogi Europe

darkzorzdarkzorz Member Posts: 1

While the North American version of Mabinogi is active as ever, with updates and events, the European version has been seemingly completely abandonned by Nexon EU.

Here are a few statistics as of October 18, 2011:

- For 363 days, the game has not received any generation updates.

- For 335 days, there have been no new pets or other cash shop items.

- For 205 days, there have not been any in-game events.

- The housing feature is implemented, but disabled due to problems, since mid 2010 and never got fixed.

All attemps from the player base and forum moderators to contact the Nexon EU team have failed.

As a result, a public letter has been written to Sung Jin Kim, CEO of Nexon Europe. You can find it here:

What I'm asking is for you people to take a bit of your time and simply click the Like button at the bottom of the letter. This is a desperate attempt to get some at least a sign of life from the Nexon EU staff.

Thanks in advance for your time.


  • MangaMaidenMangaMaiden Member Posts: 180

    Done :) Thanks for doing this btw. Decided I won't return until there is some sort of update, EU has missed out on quite alot :(

    So I guess I will keep waiting and watch the players on facebook raging image It is a brilliant game and I hope you get enough people to 'like' the letter!

    Good Luck!


  • Masa1Masa1 Member UncommonPosts: 318

    Even a million Facebook likes are like a fart in the middle of desert.


    Here is my public letter:


    Dear NexonEU GMs,

    Please ban all modders (95% of the players) and fix your damn server software (disable duping).



  • DraronDraron Member Posts: 993

    Sad to see the game get in this shape.

  • LatellaLatella Member Posts: 189


    Closest thing to Harvest Moon Online shouldn´t receive this treatement.


  • DraronDraron Member Posts: 993

    It seemed to work.

    Updates and events coming soon.

  • Masa1Masa1 Member UncommonPosts: 318

    Originally posted by Draron

    It seemed to work.

    Updates and events coming soon.

    Still doesn't solve the cheating/hacking problem (95% of the players).. 1 new content patch won't save the game, it just keeps the current player base happy for a bit longer. Keeping them in also means that new players won't be joining the game because no one wants to play with cheaters.


    They should only focus on server security at the moment. No one wants to play a game with a ruined economy.

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