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Tierra Americana update

QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,206


The game released in Japan about five years before the US, so we've been catching up on content for a while.  In 2009, they started releasing content adding some Asian ports into the game, with ports in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China.  They added them in a different order for different language versions of the game, so each country got its own ports first.

So when it came time to add them to the American version of the game, what do they add first?  America, of course, even though that hadn't previously been in any Asian version of the game.  Apparently the American update went live in Korea at the same time, and possibly some other places.

No word on when we'll be getting the eastern Asian ports in the American version.  I'd hope that's next on the agenda.  Trying to maintain a code base with different content added in different orders has to be a nightmare.


  • NortonGBNortonGB Member UncommonPosts: 279

    This new UWO patch is substantial nearly 500MB in size and adds content for new ships with an upgrading system that can be effected by developing American ports and includes new inland cities (Paris & Firenze) to obtain quests items by exhibiting your discoveries which activate trends.

    Included are 6 kinds of ships

    125 kinds of equipments

    10 kinds of trading goods

     3 kinds of ship components

     6 kinds of foods.

    Getting any specific details about the ship stats or level requirements of the items above is proving difficult if not impossible. Some are claiming that the " iron seize ship" has a level 70 requirement that cannot be achieved until SE Asia parch is released.

    So far Netmarble say that it is up to the players to find out in this global sailing game of hidden discovery.

    From initial impression Tecmo Koei need to be congratulated for sticking to their guns and thinking outside of the box for introducing this new content for adventurers and shipbuilders to add  interest and a new dimension to what is now a 5 year old mmorpg.


  • NortonGBNortonGB Member UncommonPosts: 279

    The UWO database site has already been updated:

    Ironsides - Indiaman - Super Corvette - Large transport Clipper

    Cruise Galleon - Convoy Clipper



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