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Lost connection to server, can't log back in

About 20:05 GMT yesterday was running about on Snowbourne and suddenly lost connection to the server. Tried to log back in but it said my password and username combo were wrong, which is mental since I know both off by heart after playing for years. Then tried to log into my account management and it said the same thing. I have another account from when I bought the game at release and that logged into both fine so the servers were up. 


Any suggestions? I think the most likely explanation is that I've been hacked, sent a mail to support and no reply yet 12 hours later. I also ran spybot and removed any possible password ripping nasties. Does anyone know if they give you back all your stuff if the swines that hacked your case seel things off or delete characters?


  • ReaperUkReaperUk Member UncommonPosts: 746

    I had the password suddenly no longer work on my four and a half year old lifetime account a few weeks ago. I went to the "my account" page and found I couldn't get in to change the password there either. However, I used the "Forgot Password" facility and a new password was emailed within seconds. I then reset this to one of my choice. I have eight characters on that account and logged into each in turn fearing the worst but nothing was missing. I have no clue what caused the glitch.

    On the other hand, two people in my kinship did have their accounts compromised at around the same time. Both had their vaults cleaned out and some characters deleted I think.  Luckily, all they had to do was phone Turbine's support department and everything was returned within a couple of days. As long as you remember your character's names and contact Turbine promptly, you won't lose anything.

    edit: As a matter of interest, we're all on Snowbourn too.

  • bumuscheekusbumuscheekus Member Posts: 214

    Phew thanks for the info matey, nice to know it's not an isolated case...or a case of me going mad :P

    EDIT: or rather it's not nice to know it's not an isolated case!

    I'll give them a ring today and get it sorted. 


  • bumuscheekusbumuscheekus Member Posts: 214

    Yep account was hacked. The Turbine peeps sorted me getting back into the account when I called the office in the states today but all my characters were deleted :-(


    There are some nasty b*&tards out there, there really are. I mean by all means sell my stuff but don't delete characters I put years of work into. And, apparently for no good reason or gain either. Hopefully I can get some or all of them back in time with a bit of luck.   


    Anyway, one other question, do you know whether I have to stay in game with a level 1 stoogey for them to contact me if I post a ticket for them to try and salvage my characters or do they try to reinstate them when I'm offline?  

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