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Are girls playing MMO's hotter than those who don't?



  • Lighten_UpLighten_Up Member Posts: 108

    I don't know, I mean, I think girls are pretty hot in general but on the other hand I've never really seen too many girls in real life, just that one girl in my History class who has big boobies. I made my Female Human after her. She's pretty hot, I guess. Sometimes I stare at her from across the classroom and then she gives me these weird signals, like furrowing her eyebrows. I think that means she's interested. Girls are so confusing, huh? Well, back on topic, I think MMO girls could be pretty hot but that's not necessarily always the case. Usually, when I ask an 'MMO girl' to share her pictures with me she gets all prissy and calls me stuff like 'chauvinistic pig' or 'creep', whatever that means. And when I do snatch a pic from one of them bitches they don't seem all that hot to me, they're usually normal (kinda dissapointing, I know) or too old (like 18). Although, they usually have character and a certain integrity to them, it's just not what I'm after. Oh, I'm 15 btw and posting in this interesting Topic.

  • narongkornnarongkorn Member Posts: 4

    It is a good idea so I can not think of anything much at all.?????????

  • clbembryclbembry Member Posts: 94

    No. Most of them are fugly.

  • guldurkhandguldurkhand Member Posts: 23

    Are girls who play piano hotter than girls who play violin?

  • MarkindeepMarkindeep Member Posts: 1
    Find me playin rift Markindeep
  • AlminieAlminie Member UncommonPosts: 113
    Originally posted by dandydays

    Yeah, i think they are. What do you think? 


    I know for a fact they are, I know 2 girls in RL that play mmo's and are freaking HOT!!!!!!!!!! also O_O

  • AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912
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