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Guild Recruitment Thread ----Look for a TOR guild here



  • phamcarphamcar Member Posts: 13

    The Krayt Dragon Syndicate (TKDS) is recuiting.

    See recruiting thread here-



  • Please add us, <Fantasy Huttball League>

    World PvP at it's finest.

  • VamperoVampero Member UncommonPosts: 38

    Dark Sanity/ US EAST PvP/ 20 yr+ / Empire /PvP & PVE /Mumble chat / Recruiting!

    Guild First We expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of 'guild first'. We recruit the PERSON not the toon.Participate In Guild Events,PvE,PvP,flashpoints & Operations.Deadweight is not needed.You need to aid in the growth of the guild.

    Only 3 rules !:

    1) Anyone can run a EVENT,If you post it make sure you are ready to lead it or have someone who can do it for you! Every one has real lives. Don't sit on your hands be proactive. Don't wait for the leaders to log on to make the game fun for you, take initiative and go for it.

    2) Don't have the "Can I have it "on every drop attitude. Every one will get what they need.

    3) RESPECT your guild mates at all times in Voice chat or guild chat, if you have a problem with them send them a tell to them and work it out. The guild will not put up with it and you will be kicked out.

    We have one spot remaining for a officer position. Vampero and Seventy will pick who it will be. Looking for someone that is good with people.Someone that can lead when Vampero or Seventy can't be around.Vampero rotates shifts so he will be on all hours. Pre-order beta weekend starts Sept that will give us a chance to get to know you.I have a mumble server to chat on.


    Join here!!


  • ConqueredConquered Member Posts: 8

    The Sith'ari


    {Hard-core PVP/PVE/RP   US-EAST}


    The Sith'ari send out it's invitation to any potential members that wish to join a society of truely hard-core gamers, based of the foundation of experienced and wise leaders. As like any guild we strive to be placed at the summit of our server, and we work daily to ensure that we makes our steps towards achieving that. There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. At the Sith'ari we wish to search for that glimmer of light that exists in all our members, and use it as a beacon to reveal their path. We take great importance in helping our members achieve their burning ambitions, and focus it to form the banner of the Sith'ari. A single star can not light the night sky, it takes the brightness of many. And may the fires of Sith'ari sail to light the skies of the Old Republic.




  • TinkerGnomeTinkerGnome Member Posts: 21

    War Pigs is a relaxed raiding guild. Our primary goals are to progress through content and have fun while doing so. We are looking for dedicated, skilled, and mature players to join us in the most challenging areas of the galaxy. We are not a guild of hardcore raiders; we are a family of raiders who know the importance of real life, family, friends, jobs, and more. That being said, we will raid 1 - 2 days a week as a planned event, and smaller in guild pickup raids throughout the week, when the players are on, and want to participate. Raiders are able to sign up for the raids they want to attend. If a member does not wish to attend a raid, he/she can simply not sign up for the event. On 16 player raids, loot will be awarded through a loot council. On 8 player raids, loot will be rolled upon, need before greed. Recruits can only be granted loot if no members request or roll on said item. While we do not require you to maintain a set attendance at raids, this does not mean we are slack raiders. When we raid, we raid hard, and every member on that raid must bring their A game. This guild takes the workings of a hardcore raiding guild, and applies that to a "play when real life lets you" schedule.

    That being said, please visit our website at and follow the recruitment instructions, if you feel this is the guild for you. We are based in the EST/CST timezones, and any other information you need is on our site. 

  • Blazer6992Blazer6992 Member UncommonPosts: 633

       Sadistic Intentions is an all Imperial guild dedicated to the dark side of the Force. We are strictly an end game, PVE, adult oriented guild. We use voice chat for all guild communications. Our guild leaders have ran successful guilds in WoW, EQ2 & SWG. We are a mature guild, the minimum age requirement is 25. All interviews for entrance in to the guild will be held through Ventrilo and it is required that you are in a voice chat while we are running instances and such. If you are serious about the dark side, are over the age of 25 and hates PVP, then this is the guild for you.

       We are a casual guild that doesn't run the guild like your in the military. You wont be required to play a class you don't want to play or set strict time schedules. Our primary focus is on end game content and questing. But above all, have fun. This is a game, just relax and have fun.

       You can contact me right here or in the SWTOR website (just do a search for Sadistic Intentions). We will get a brief overview from you and will conduct interviews through Ventrilo. May the dark side of the force be with you, always.


    Check the guild forums for all of your info needs.



  • shatamshatam Member Posts: 9


    Pariah is a small moderate raiding guild that is looking to expand our roster. We're looking for people that are interested not only in endgame progression, but those who place stock in quality helpfull guilds. Members should be like a family, not just random individuals you occasionally do something with. I'll summarize what we are shortly below, if you are interested or want more information please feel free to message me and I'll get back to you immediately. If you would prefer to meet and discuss things in vent, reply to this message and I will gladly set up a meeting.



    -English, US East (EST)

    -Moderate Raiding Requirements (6 hours a week minimum, more encouraged)

    -3-4 nights of raiding a week, 8-11pm

    -Focused on endgame raiding

    -No roleplaying

    -We have a ventrilo server

    -Former WoW guild




    The Hunted

    Guild Charter

    The Hunted exists to create and develop a strong, creative community of likeminded players whose goals are to immerse themselves in The Old Republic™ universe. We strive to foster creative expression in the avenues of roleplaying, character development, and character mastery while providing opportunities for guild members to experience all aspects of the game (questing, end-game, and PVP content). We also want to provide a community where guild direction and decisions are a product of the input of the members, and not only the vision of its leaders. We value kindness, respect, teamwork, mutual creativity, as well as community development.

    Join Us!The Hunted, a guild focused on [Heavy RP, PvP, and PvE], is now open and taking new members of All Republic Character Classes! We are a Guild focused on creating a gaming experience with Hi Fidelity towards the TOR story and overall Your Story. We want you to become your character and play a part in the telling of a bigger tale. The Hunted's leader Rhevion Xen put it best when he laid down our mission statement:

    "We are the exiled. We are the wanderers. Though our stories differ, the final chapters are the same. We, through resistance, circumstance, or the will of the Force, have all become targets for the malevolent Sith Empire’s injustices. Some have been forced to flee their homes and leave families behind. Others have lost the comforts of home and family to destruction and invasion. Others, still, and perhaps worse, have lost their families, homes, to the poison spewed from the lips of the Emperor, the ideals of fear, hate, and power. 

    Either by loss, death, or betrayal, the Empire has pushed us into the shadows. And there we wait. There, we watch. We find each other under the dim lights of the corner cantina, on the crowded transport ships, in the wastelands of dying planets, our eyes ever-cautious. The time is near at hand when we will stand united against those who pursue us. 

    We are the Hunted, but we will never be the prey."
    -Rhevion Xen

    Our guild page offers a great resource for news and information on TOR along with a few exclusive resources soon to offered. We will also be doing things to help our guild members in game such as a weekly lottery and item trades! There is much much more to be added to this Saga. Join us so we can make our stand! 

    This is our list of Awesome activities! We are currently working on organizing more and you, as our Guild members and Council members, are more than welcome to submit your ideas!!!

    Our List Of Activities:

    Our Weekly lottery (Both class specific and General)

    RP Questing and Raiding (obviously!)

    RP Quest Scavenger Hunts (Includes prizes for the winning group!)

    Ranged Combat Workshops (Share and trade your secrets and practice in the field Hunting expeditions!

    Hunting for Knowledge and Experience! (Search for the many rare creatures and Holocubes in the galaxy that that will fill up your codex and give you EXP!)

    [PvP] Arena Matches [Both class specific and General] (For any of you willing to make a name for yourself)

    Padawan/Apprentice Nights! Masters can take on a Padawan or Apprentice. (Travel in pairs to complete your Mission, Learn, and Level up!)We take care of our own..

    Jedi Trials Nights! (Share your Jedi Wisdom and Experience with our newcomers and earn a higher position in the guild or your seat in The Guild Council!)

    Casual Organized Questing and Raiding

    Group Resource Gathering and EXP Nights!

    Huttball League with Scheduled Held Matches(both within our Guild and Against other Guilds).

    [PvP/RP] Guild vs Guild matches!

    And much more to come!!!!!

    -The Hunted's Senior Council Member, Solidus Trosin

    Please Remember to check out our sites!

    The Hunted is now Recruiting! We are a serious guild looking to immerse ourselves in the TOR story and Overall...Yours. Check us out and join us:

  • Kono989Kono989 Member Posts: 1

    Sith Guild:

    Impulsive is now recruiting!



    ->>>> <<<<-

  • TzianTzian Member Posts: 1

    Psychotic Malevolence - The Twisted Side of Dark
    21yrs+ Social PvE Sith Empire Guild (EU)
    Chilling out together yet still getting stuff done


    Guild HQ
  • SkylanSkylan Member UncommonPosts: 24

    Ranger Corp, are actively recruiting!

    were a republic guild but are setting up a sister guild for impire

    pvp,pve,rp, we from all timezones.

    check us out, friendly, fun, organized 



  • SkylanSkylan Member UncommonPosts: 24

    please add me to your sticky

    Ranger Corp

    Born out of the SWG Shadowfire server, We believe a guild should enhance your gaming experience and not limit you. We accept all drama free members looking for RP, PvE, and PvP. Integrity is our cornerstone. We accept individuals and groups.

    NOTE: If you are interested in joining, click the Guild HQ link in my signature and submit your application.

    Guild Charter

    Ranger Corps is a guild who's goals are to support its members and provide a better gaming experience to both its members and the community around them.To experience the the leveling process, raids, and end-game together.

    We are a moderate to casual and social guild at our core but we not only respect our members individual goals, we also encourage and support them. It is our belief, a guild should not limit a members game-play experience, but rather should enhance it. Within our guild we hope to provide the tools and assistance our members may need to reach their personal goals within their game.You are never alone.

    The guild structure is based on a council of leaders with stalemate decisions falling on the guild leaders final ruling. This includes decisions to kick members for bad behavior and disciplinary actions. There are several positions within the guild as well as a defined rank system.

    Guild Ranks

    Guild Leader

    Guild Council










    Member Responsibilities

    Goal #1: Have fun! This is not a job, it is a game or games if you participate in our other guild supported games.

    Honor and Integrity: As a member of Ranger Corps, it is every members responsibility to reflect positively on the guild and its interests. This means a positive attitude to those around them. If a non-member needs assistance we always try to aid them and thus providing a positive influence on the community around us and increasing the honor and integrity of our guild. Honor is something that cannot be taken from you, it has to be given away. No member left behind is our motto.

    Respect: No offensive or hurtful behavior. This means in or out of guild activities. If you are role-playing, ensure those around you are aware of your activities so it doesn't reflect badly on our guild.a simple "OOC" disclaimer can go along way. There are many new mmo players who have not experienced a true role-playing activity and thus your role-playing activities could be taken as griefing or dishonorable.

    Guild Events: Participation in events is encouraged. Though it may not be possible to participate in every event, we understand and respect that "Real-Life responsibilities comes first." We recognize that people have lives outside the game and encourage them to get one if they do not currently have one. In the end, we game for enjoyment and not to live.

    In Summary

    - Enhance but do not limit game-play

    - Behave honorably and with integrity

    - Respect those around you

    - Participate when you can


    Our guild uses Ventrilo for in-game and out-of-game communications. Though we do ask that all members connect to our Vent servers and listen

    in Ventrilo, speaking is optional. There are some members who do not have a microphone or do not wish to speak. That is left to the members discretion. Hearing what is going on can enhance your game-play during raids and normal adventuring. Vent is paid for by the leader and does not cost the members in any way.

    Guild drama

    Is unacceptable. Petty squabbles will happen and will quickly be addressed. Respect for others is our key watch-word. Maturity is our basic building block.

    In Ventrilo: Squabbling parties will be moved to a sub-channel with a leader and an appropriate discussion will ensue to address the discord.

    In-game chat: A leader or any member will ask the offending member to calm down and in the event of an out-of-control outburst, advise the offender to disengage from the situation.

    In Summary

    - No drama

    - Install Ventrilo and login

    - Behave maturely

    Loot System Rules

    Ninja looting: the act of stealing loot or stealing mobs will not be tolerated. Even if it is done to you. Report any behavior from outside the guild to you leadership and appropriate actions will be taken to express our disdain and concern to the offenders guild or the individual. It is a form of griefing and does not reflect on that individual or guild.

    Group Loot: Loot and loot gear is distributed to group members on a "Need before Greed" basis.

    Crafted Gear: Our guild crafters will also be supporting our members needs on a first-come first-served basis. We only ask that you help us to help you by offering some of the resources needed to craft your gear. In this way, no member should ever need to go without.

    In Summary

    - No Ninja Looting

    - Need Before Greed

    - Communicate your loot needs before events start to your group

    - Crafters support your members and vice-verse


    Though we do not place an importance on member age or experience, we do require a certain level of maturity. Age does not always equate to maturity.

    Activity levels: will always vary from one member to another. We do encourage members to login at least once per week. Inactivity is 30-days without login and those members will be removed from guild if advanced notice has not been given. Members removed for inactivity are always welcomed to reapply for membership.

    Classes, professions, and play-style: are not requirements for guild membership. Your choices and style of game-play are your own decisions. We will not limit your choices.

    Multi-faction: In some games, multiple factions are possible. We always try to have a sister guild to host our members alts so no matter what faction you play, you will always be among friends. Though alts nor multi-faction membership is not a requirement. We only provide the means to support our members should they decide to participate.

    Families: We always encourage family members to play together. We accept entire family units.

    Group recruitment: We encourage groups of friends to apply. It makes gaming more fun to adventure and game with your established group of friends. It can also open the door to new friends in some cases.

    In Summary

    - Must Have Fun!

    - Must be mature

    - Any class or profession accepted

    - Families accepted

    - Groups of friends accepted

    - Multi-faction and Alts accepted

    - Must be semi-active

    In order to join, you must do two things:

    1. Submit your intent to join our Guild on this site (the button on the Guild Page that says "Click to Join".

    2. Submit your application to Join our guild on the Official Site located at the following Link -----> Click Here to Visit (The "Submit Application" link is on the left panel of our Home Page)

    If both are not completed, your membership, while approved on this site (BioWare Forums), it is only contingent. One week out from Early Access, all contingent members who have not joined our official site will be summarily removed from the guild.

    While it does seem rather harsh, there have been a few contingent members who still have not joined our official guild site. That is where all our internal guild communications and announcements take place.



  • HeinesandsHeinesands Member Posts: 4

    House of Karrdes

    A Republic PvP Guild.  Please see are thread here on MMORPG here is the link.

    Here is our official page as well.

    Any questions please let me know


  • Tamsyn2002Tamsyn2002 Member Posts: 24

    Please add us. The Republic Defense Initiative. We are a RP-PVP guild.

    Thank you!



    Smuggler Officer - RDI

  • americanjediamericanjedi Member Posts: 10

    Casually Elite



    PVP - EST - SITH


    Primary focus is PVE operations - But we will have organized PVP and just simply casual play as well.

    We all have lives and know that everyone cannot game every waking hour. If you have a life outside of games and dodge other guilds because of non-realistic requirements and nazi like leadership, we are here to save your day.

    Stop in at the website, sign up, secure your spot for launch/pre-launch, and make a few friends!

    I hope to see you all in game.



  • SulShahSulShah Member Posts: 13

    Lest we forget, Zero Zero Zero!

  • NazEternalNazEternal Member Posts: 34



    Recruitment Thread:


    • Belgoths Beacon Guild

    • Recruiting dedicated hardcore/casual players for end-game content

    • Pre-made warzones/open world pvp

    • Must be decently geared and close to 50 (40+)


  • PamishaPamisha Member Posts: 1

    We are currently recruiting healers and DPS mainly, some room for tanks for different runs, for Hard mode Ops on the Kryat dragon server. Those wanting to join, both level 50 and below, please visit [url][url]. This goes for 85's that would like to apply for the WOW guild.

    DN was formed on the first day that Alexstrasza went live. We have been raiding since vanilla and have continued all the way through Dragonsoul in this current expansion. In SWTOR we have downed all of eternity vault on hardmode except for Soa.

  • AnlornAnlorn Member Posts: 2

    Mellow Company

    Corellian Run Server



    East Coast

    Thread on here: 

  • OnslaughtVQOnslaughtVQ Member Posts: 3

    Guild V A N Q U I S H (caps and spaces required unfortunately, many posers lately!)


    My recruitment thread can be found here



    Onslaught, GM

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