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Has anyone tried this game?

gorticgortic Member UncommonPosts: 115




  • DefectDefect Member Posts: 246


  • SkarsmikSkarsmik Member Posts: 4

    yeah. and its pretty good. :)

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    f2p so try it!isnt this a game heavy played in russia or such?

  • Dudek28Dudek28 Member UncommonPosts: 224

    looks interesting enough to give it a go.

  • russ1struss1st Member Posts: 47

    It's a typical p2w browser game.

    You have to grind lvls in PvE and buy  (or grind very heavy ) for items for PvP plus buy consumable for PvP.

    End game conent is totaly equip grind in groups plus clan wars PvP for territory.

  • ShynessShyness Member Posts: 1

    I played this game for about a week; here's my  basic review of the game:


    • Nice scenary

    • Interesting battle style

    • A client download is not required (but there is an optional client download)

    • Has changable game performance settings that can improve game loading/gameplay

    • Somewhat of a time waster

    • Option to block out different languages in chat(Example: you can have your chat setting to display only French and Italian messages)

    • Has a lot of events

    • Players can join in fights/help players fight their monsters

    • Auction house



    • Many players experience game performance problems, such as screen freezing or dying before the battle fully loads (check the forums)

    • For some, the client actually peforms worse than the browser version

    • Very little character customization ( At the barbershop, players can change their appreance for gold; HOWEVER, it is quit expensive[skin color change+hair stlye change+hair color change= 300gold] and there are few skin color options)

    • There is a "cooldown" time between entering different areas. At level six you can get two different mounts that are supposed to decrease the cooldown, but I personally do not see a change in the time. Also you have to buy mount food, since a set amount is used up when switching areas.

    • Depending on your default language,it can be difficult to find a party to do the dungeons. I thought the game was deserted at first, but that was only because my game chat was set to only display English only. However when I changed my setting to include  Espanol and Portuguese, there was a lot more player activity. After messaging some of the players with my broken Spanish, I was able to get into a group.

    • The dungeons, at least the two I went to, have a limit to how often they can be entered. I don't have a problem with  there being a limit, but I don't like the times they allow players to enter it. For example, the second dungeon I went to, the Chasm, allowed players to enter once every eight hours. To me, it would make more since just to allow a player to enter that dungeon any time at a maximum of three times a day.

    • There are very few gear/armor choices.

    • Storage is very limited. Players start out with 20(or 21 if they chose the temporary bag option when making their charcter) slots. When players reach level 6 and 8, they can get a mule mount that adds on 2(level 6 mount) or 5 (level 8 mount) spaces. Additonally at certain levels, players can get bags, but they only add another slot or two of space(at least for early levels). Also, I believe at level 6 or7, players can buy a key for, I think, 200 gold, that allows them to have open up a storage. This storage can hold a "whopping" 6 slots. I am not sure if this storage can be increased or not.

    • Some players complain that there are players that intentially join their group and anger the monster, which results in them dying. From what I gathered, angering a monster either makes it stronger or attracts stronger monsters to the fight.(check the forum for more information)

    • Players can join in any random battle they want. This can be very annoying at times. I have had several fights, where I start the battle, but someone joins, and this "curse of angering" icon pops up (I still am not sure what it completely does), they kill my monster, and get my drops. From what I saw, whoever does the most damage gets the drop. This can be a problem, especially for collection quests.

    • At least for me, I generally have to use a potion or two during a battle. While this may not seem like a big deal, it does get costly after awhile. Sometimes I get potions in drops, but the best thing I could do was buy reasonably priced potions in the auction house.

    • This is solely my opinion, but I dislike how the female player is basically wearing a thong, and the male character looks like he has an erection. As a result, I kept my player in basic human mode(this is an option in the game settings that is recommended for slower computers)

    These things are from what I experienced in the game or from the responses on the forums. I'm not going to condemn this game; it wouldn't hurt to try Juggernaut out. If anyone wants to play it, they should check out the forums first and see what complaints and such the community as about the game.

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