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Starcraft Ghost Personal Complaints

First of all let me say SC Ghost looks great, real great. However ever since Swing'n ape took over I the game's graphics seemed to have changed a lot. Nova and everything else doesn't have the detail it once had. Her armor looks dull and poorly colored.


Starcraft: Ghost for Xbox screenshot 136


Starcraft: Ghost for Xbox screenshot 163

This is just a personal opinion just want to see if people agree with me.



Look at the Detail in the Marines...



Again this is my personal opinion plz post ur opinions too! thnx.


  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    to be honest, I was awaiting this game for a long time, especially during the "before" times

    however, when swing'n ape took over I let go of the game..decided it wasn't going to be good after all.

    personally I think it was a horrible mistake they did to let them take over, the game was ruined,

    not that I can necessarily say that until feburary when I try it out, but the hype for me is gone

  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    Hah, I will be buying this game no matter how horrible it is. I've waited 6 years or something like that since Brood Wars (I got the original StarCraft as a gift from my neighbor when I was 7). Blizzard kicked Swing'n Ape or whatever the co-producers were out of the picture, it's all Blizzard now!

    Edit: Oh damn, your right. I knew Blizzard kicked out one of the co-producers. Looks like Swing'n Ape took their place. Damn ::::07::

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  • OrccOrcc Member Posts: 3,043

    Who cares about Ghost anyways? Unless you were just waiting on it because it was a Blizzard game, there are plenty of other better stealth games like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear or Chronicles of Riddick.

  • HeartBrokenHeartBroken Member Posts: 128

    No dude Blizzard kicked Blizzard North, then Swingin Ape came and ruined it. I'm still gonna buy it cuz it carrys the Blizzard name, but it just won't be the same........ The original Ghost developers are now Flagship Studios.

  • metalfoxusmetalfoxus Member Posts: 805

    Originally posted by HeartBroken

     I'm still gonna buy it cuz it carrys the Blizzard name...

    Oh you fool...
  • methane47methane47 Member CommonPosts: 3,701

    Originally posted by metalfoxus
    Originally posted by HeartBroken
    I'm still gonna buy it cuz it carrys the Blizzard name...Oh you fool...

    Tell that to Vercace, or Liz Claiborne, or Tommy Hillfigure, or Gucci, or Christian Dior....
    Nowadays the Mass only cares about the Name behind the product... And much less the product itself... Just take a look at the quality of TV shows nowadays.... As long as it has "Real" in the name somewhere it's Gold!!....
    This being said. I highly doubt that Ghost is going to suck For the mere fact that I put my trust in Blizzard... They haven't failed me YET... .... But i still wont buy it... GAMEFLY WOOT WOOT

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  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    Yes, placing your trust in Blizzard isn't that foolish. Buying a product because it carries the Blizzard name is like buying a Fender guitar because it carries the Fender name. It is actually a very good way of telling if a game is good or not, considering NONE of their games have failed to take a hardcore genre and making it casual (such as RTS's, RPGs, and MMORPGs).

    i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there
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