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Horrible game

NBForrest1NBForrest1 Member Posts: 11

This game is nothing more than a free to play intensive grindfest with a very limited pvp aspect thrown in.The pvp aspect is strictly pay to play if you want to actually pvp and not just be cannon fodder for the paying players.

Hyperinflation and gold sellers have made a shambles of the ingame economy.

Hacking and exploiting the game mechanics is a huge problem in this game.

The publisher`s management of the game seems completely incompetent, bias and at times unethical.The publisher makes liberal use of a TOS clause that allows them to delete accounts for no reason and without any notice or explaination.TOS enforcement appears to be inconsistent  and seems to favor paying players over free to play players.employees of the publishing company, known as GMs, are often seen ingame using their GOD mode characters to influence or alter the outcome of battles in favor of one team over another.

Glitches and bugs seem to be a normal part of the game mechanics rather than the exception.

Don`t waste your time with this game, you`ll regret it.


  • hybridchichybridchic Member Posts: 20

    I remember you.....  :)

    1. PvP for any game is not ever guaranteed to be balanced. PvPing successfully at end game is always about how uber/decked out your armor is combined with a bit of skill. That's the same for every game regardless of the business model. In free to play, those that chose to pay are going to more than likely always beat the crap out of you. In some subscription and microtransaction games out there, you may see an item that will give players willing to use item malls a slight/ever so small advantage. But that doesn't happen too often nowadays.

    2. Gold sellers will be a problem for every game I think. So long as for every game available there is at least one player that prefer do the easy thing that the right thing. All it takes is one person to use any third party website, be it gold buying, botting services or plvling services and the game has a problem.

    3. Hacking and exploits is a gamer issue. As in you as a gamer and someone that plays this game needs to report it. Most publishers want to know about exploits and hacking. Report the exploit, soon/eventually/whenever it gets fixed. Report the hack. Soon/eventually whenever it can be fixed. Be mindful thought that there are people out there who make a living sell hackings and exploits. Consider them gold sellers if you want. If the community wants it gone bring it the publisher's attention.

    4. Game Client and Publisher are not the same. The interpretation of ToS has nothing to do with the game client and everything to do with the publisher's ability to limit access to the game client by certain individuals.

    I will agree though that ToS enforcement is inconsistant. Just ask GM Bella or any of the GSes. That'll be a riot. Specifically ask them about the GS forums and the thread where GSes are pretty much allowed to stalk and harass other players. (I think it's called "Report Behavior". Basically GSes can "use the thread to bring other customers immediately to the attention of GMs without ever filing a ticket. And they can use this to show a pattern of certain behaviors and whatever. They call it "bringing potential undersired customers to the attention of GMs. My local law enforcement agency says "stalking". In any case, even if it's not stalking, it certainly is something no AGE customer ever agreed to when they agreed to the terms of service.)

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