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2000+ screenshots of Entropia Universe and counting...+useful links

Ferc8Ferc8 Member Posts: 5

I played Project Entropia back in beta for a bit and came back to it recently with a new account. I saw that some of the screenshots here are still from before CryTek's CryEngine 2 update so I thought I'd share some just in case those ~120 here are not enough :)

The Screenshots

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in a comment on the webshots site or here : )

Below are some links I have found very useful:


A very nice guide to new players. It helped me, especially the "eco" parts that can make your PED last longer:


Another very good, realistic guide to new players that also clears up some misconceptions:


Entropia Wiki that is updated daily or probably even more frequently:


A very useful site about manufacturing blueprints and resources that go into them:


Atlas Haven Radio stream run by Entropia players...from violins to techno:





  • narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

    Nice! Ill have to look through them when I get some free time.

    The first pictures there are in the character creation area before you start the game?



  • Ferc8Ferc8 Member Posts: 5

    Oh yes it is the Genesis starting area.


  • SorrowSorrow Member Posts: 1,195

    Was kind of surprised by Entropia I " invested " $300 when the game first came out, played off and on for 3 years, then walked away for a few years recently I went back and not really expecting much just cashed out my account selling off all my items, and taking a direct deposit cash out option.


    I really did not expect to ever see them send me my money.


    Three days later I had a direct deposit of over $900 from entropia.




  • Ferc8Ferc8 Member Posts: 5

    sounds like you got some return on your investment there :)

  • Ferc8Ferc8 Member Posts: 5

    + 61 screenshots added

  • Ferc8Ferc8 Member Posts: 5

    ~200 screens added

  • EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

    I have asked the mmorpg people to remove the very old screenshots of this game, but they are not willing to do so even though it does not in any way reflect what the game looks like these days.

    Oh, nice looking screenshots btw

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