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Worst Customer service out there

Tiamet90Tiamet90 Member Posts: 1

I have been playing this game fopr a while and have heard horror stories of kids spending money on it only to have there accouns stolen the recieve no help from areia games. I didint think much of it being an adukt I just figured they had done something to get banned or bought gold from a hacker and he got there account. I am now in the midst of having an account with several thousand dollars worth of items stolen from me and it appeears that the hacker has had help from areia games because the account was verified to be mine 3 times in 5 weeks by AGE but then the last time it was stolen areia games said it was not my account and gave it to someone else. I would be very suspicious of these people. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit for grand larceny and will be asking for the records they used for the last determiation of account ownership. You shouldnt have to do this for a game. Customer service should try and help no hinder you. I will check here often to see if there are any lawyers out there that would like to help with this, if not I will proceed on my own, Hopefully I can get a precedent started where these MMORPG games have to take a bigger insterest in keeping the items they sell safe.


  • hybridchichybridchic Member Posts: 20

    No one's responded yet but I figure I'll tell you now...

    It's not going to happen. Best you can do under your circumstances is filed a complaint with FTC (Federal trade comission).

    And do not use third party services such as gold sellers, bots, power leveling sites. They can user keyloggers, so it's possible they could've gained access to your account that way. And AGE or any other company most likely wouldn't have been able to tell the difference in some cases.

    And ... in the terms of service you agreed to, you can't file a law suit against AGE for grand larceny. You could try. No lawyer would try your case I don't think.

  • neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

    mistake 1:  you spent thousands of dollars on a free to play

    mistake 2:  you downloaded a keylogger

    mistake 3:  you think anyone here should care

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