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A grindfest hidden in colourful graphics

Hello, long time reader but first time poster.


This sums up LEGO Universe in a nut shell. But I'll go over its main points.


1) Grindfest:

Yep, another grindfest. You grind mobs for 'faction tokens'. You then hand these faction tokens in for gear. Its possible to reach almost the best gear ingame in 6-7 hours of pure grinding.

Along with gear grind there is an achievement grind which is similar to WoW's achievement system. Achievement for killing a 100 of each mob, then it going up to 500, 1000. Although the achievement system is a main selling point rather than an after thought.

Everything is grinding. There is area grinding, which is completing all the objectives for each zone, getting all the quests, all the collectables and taming all the pets.


2) No content. There is only one difficult area, Crux Prime which is just another grind of killing monsters for gear. It very much resembles ROSE Online in the camping areas for monsters and bosses.


3) Chat filter is over restrictive. I like seeing a chat filter, but you have really think about how you are phrasing your sentences. You cannot put smiley faces or anything slightly collequal.


Overall its a nice little game, but its not worth the subscription. The grind is quite big, but the important things to grind, such as gear/faction/blocks take little time but the nonense things take alot of time, so it seems like there is little end game content. The game is heavily pushed towards kids, so be careful considering a purchase or subscription.


The main selling point is the creativity of building things, but that is only collecting the blocks neccessary and building it, not the creativity of a software package or even minecraft.


  • SkexRelboreSkexRelbore Member Posts: 30

    I know it's kind of late to reply to this but in case anyone else is reading. 


    What the hell did you expect? All MMO's are grind fests.

    Name one MMO that doesn't have some sort of grinding. Even in EVE which has offline training you have to figure out a way to make ISK to pay for your ships or work up faction.

    What you are calling grinding has another name. It's called gameplay. In the end there is only so much that a game developer can do before having to recycle content. This is just a reality of gaming. 

    The thing to remember is that this game is really targeted at children it's not meant to be a serious RPG it's light fun for kids to hop on enjoy. 

    So far it seems to do that quite well. 

    If you want a more serious gaming experience pick a more serious game but if you want to avoid grinding you'd best stick to single player games.

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