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Three things about aika

iluvcatsiluvcats Member Posts: 1

1. The quest and grind. Its easier to quest before level 50 in aika, and you can level up really fast. Most of the quest are  fun and very engaging. The grind is somethign you have to do after level 51. A year a go when I started it was much harder, but now with mutated mobs which give an extended amout of experience, it's very easy to level up. Which makes for a better game play. Although some characters: clerics, pallys, warriors, and warlocks are easier to level up, than the dual gunner and rifleman.

2. The dungeons. Dungeons are fun and are scaleable to the amount of players that go in. I think this is helpful when your doing quest, but doing a group dungeon also teaches you how to use your class, and thats something you don't learn when you scale.

3 The Nation Wars. The nation wars are my favorite part of the game. I'd suggest starting out early, you might die a lot but you get to meet a whole lot of higher level players and start building up honor for honor clothes. Also, its just really good fun.  I've seen all 5 nations going at it in one nation over one relic. Its something I definitely wouldn't want to miss out on.


Overall I think Aika is a good game, you'll either love it or hate it. I personally love it.



  • BrickyLOBrickyLO Member Posts: 1

    Aika online is one of the more popular free to play MMO's in Korea right now for many reasons.  The game has very stunning graphics along with a enjoyable system.  Like any other MMO's out there it plays the same like the other ones but it is unique in it's own way with the daughter system. There are a lot of English players that play this game but of course the rule we must not forget is never speak English in public! Haha~ Anyway there is an English patch for this game that is going along very nicely you can thank Climbatiz and Nzrock for that if you end up using it.  Now on to the review! I'm not one to compared games but this game reminds me of Prius Online with the whole daughter as a pet system.  But they are both good in their own way but if I had to pick one in terms with PvP and more serious gameplay Aika online has won me over since I am the type that likes enjoys large scale battles. There are a total of six characters to pick from which are Warrior, Crusader, Sniper, Dual Gunner, Night Magician, and Priest.  In this review I picked the Priest character since I am big fan of healing and it is always fun to party with other people.  Oh and also the fact that she was the cutest character out all of them all!  Each class is gender limited so you may or may find that annoying for those people who are really picky with characters.  I didn't mind it to much since it is pretty normal for Korean games now a days.  Ah before I forget if you see a enter pin number screen make sure you remember what you input and input it twice in a row since that will be your extra security password!

  • GamecriticGamecritic Member Posts: 34

    Been playing for a week now and level 51 it's been very fun so far, many active players who seem mature and don't spam and act like idiots in chat.

    Things I like are..

    The game is massive on PVP which I love.

    The dungeons are fun and you can solo some of  them.

    the gear looks very cool and I love the fact you can delevell it if you lucky.

    it's not a paid to win game like most free games.

    The graphics are decent.

    I'd say this game is well worth a try especially if your into massive pvp battles and stuff I was very suprised about this game and will carry on playing for a while until GW2 or Archeage.


  • Aika_OnlineAika_Online Aika Community ManagerMember Posts: 18

    I'm really glad to see you guys have been enjoying Aika and it's awesome to see that you've picked out some of the best things about the game!


    Aika Online Community Manager

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