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ultima x odyssey, what is this

Uhm just reading news sites theres an 8 second clip of ultima x odyssey, without me having to do some research, will someone in the know just explain what this is, I thought it was a remake of some old ultima game but apparently its a brand new mmorpg coming out or something? It looks a lot like WoW from the clip I saw


  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,919

    Well apparently it is the replacement for ultima online but is kept very hush hush.

    It has apparently nothing of the UO2 in it which was scraped before it got into beta.


  • flootieflootie Member Posts: 100

    The video is in a thread up at the top of the page right now....and there is some talk in the Ultima forum here..


    basically..its a new game in the Ultima line and its not Ultima Online 2...its something different. Its an MMO and it uses the Unreal Engine.  The game is debuting this friday at an event in San Fransisco that a select few (moderators here from what I have been told) are going to...we will know a lot more then.....

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