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Some new UXO footage

Apparently this is the first gameplay was leaked...looks pretty cool...i really like the fantasy element of the game that i see so far. guess we will have to wait till this weekend for more though...



  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,922
    Hmm not very good graphics really.Looks like a cartoon but lets see how the gameplay handles.

  • convergeconverge Member Posts: 76
    uhhhh u do know that it uses the same engine as lineage2 right?


  • flootieflootie Member Posts: 100
    I knew that...but I don't know if you were asking too poor looking graphics...well the folks who gave it to stratics apparently said that its just a quick little video....obviously not I am going to rely upon my knowledge of the unreal engine..combine with what I see and know that it is going to look great....

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,922

    They really should have let UO2 finish.If you ever seen that game screenshots you would be amazed.

    It was made in 2000 for a early 2001 release and was all set by end of 2000 for a beta run.

    Amazes me that they held back that game purely because they wanted to keep UO going without competition.

    I always thought that was stupid because those that love their castles and houses and rares in UO would never leave for UO2 or any game for that matter.

    Those that want adventure would go to another mmrpg when tired of UO,so all they succeeded in doing was boost EQ numbers and then DAoC numbers(remember in 2000 UO was ahead of EQ in number of subscribers now EQ is nearly double).

    Anyhow this game will probabaly not even make it out before WoW talk less of EQ2 or horizons.

    Would only play it if its a good game not because it has the ultima logo on it.Too many new MMO out there to choose now and by xmas it will be spoilt for choice.

  • ShmeeShmee Member Posts: 321

    Originally posted by hercules
    Hmm not very good draphics really.Looks like a cartoon but lets see how the gameplay handles.

    i would have to agree with you hercules the "draphics" do seem pretty crap but the graphics look nice and smooth image

  • RammurRammur Member Posts: 575
    who cares about graphics it the gameplay that matters.Gonna have ta give it a shot when it comes out.

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,922

    Ah error noted and corrected in spelling.

    Well yes graphics is not everything if i was to rate a game over 10 graphics will be 2.

    2 to customer service,4 to gameplay,2 to bugs/connections.

    Question is what can ultima offer us nowadays?

    Housing?Well DAoC have houses now which blow UO houses away,same for SWG houses,EQ2 plans on houses.

    So really that does not appeal to me now.After playing less then 2 weeks in SWG i got a house that makes UO castles look like huts.

    Crafting?Yes be intresting to see what they do with this but they have to beat the crafting system in SWG(which was designed by same folks that made UO crafting) and considering all the upcoming MMRPG are looking closely at crafting I wonder what they can make to better it.

    All I am saying that for me it will be just another mmprg whereas in 2001 if UO2 came out I would have bought it simply for been UO  but not now.


  • squeeesqueee Member Posts: 722
    Just face facts, UOX is just going to be another wash rinse repeat MMOG like all the other recent titles.

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  • teratyateratya Member UncommonPosts: 346
    We shall see after Friday hopefully. I am optimistic here though. I still like some of the aspects of UO over other games.

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  • DjinDjin Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,263
    Just remember that Admin is getting to go to a showing for UOX...

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  • BrazorBrazor Member Posts: 65

    I really am very sorry, but has anyone ever heard of Lord British or the game Tabula Rasa?


  • DjinDjin Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,263
    Lord British and Lord Blackthorn are the two "main" people in Ultima.  Lord British is the maker of Ultima too...

    E.T. is alive... - Gramp Staff

    What will he do next?
  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,922

    Think lord british got the boot a while ago.

    About same time they canned UO2 so might be related since he was strongly behind the UO2 project.

    Can't wait for feedback on this game

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