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DCUO going F2P



  • BeaumanBeauman Member UncommonPosts: 142


    I gave DCUO several tries already (6 1/2 months total out of its first 9 months). I'll just stick with my current MMO.

  • LeariiLearii Member CommonPosts: 2

    i wonder if we still need to buy the game to play it ?


  • Seeker728Seeker728 Member UncommonPosts: 179

    Originally posted by EclipsesRG

    I think Smedley knew that BW was going to be announcing TOR was going to be launching today and tried to "pre-announce" this so that it didn't get drummed over by the elephant that is The Old Republic.

    I have been saying this game was going to go F2P since launch, and I also remember on the boards Radar saying how F2P was not an option - how it wasn't even being considered - and here we have Smedley talking about how it was the preferred method before they even launched.


    Just more of the doubletalk bs that is SOE. Rot in hell you crappy developer.

    I ran with EQ back in the day...SOE taking over was a dark day and they soured me to them as a developer/publisher for many years. I never exposed myself to the SWG release, I knew it would go south because of who was at the helm.  I finally relented with DCUO because of two reasons, Jim Lee and DC Comics.  I thought for sure, these two highly successful entities would straighten SOE out.   Lifetime sub option to me at the time was a red flag though because to a company its is a revenue loss, plain and simple.  If there was any redemption to it at all, you can be sure Blizzard would've incorperated it and they stay as far away from that concept as humanly possible.

    Smedley.....change you can believe in.   Weird parrallel there thats downright scary with slimy doubletalk.  Just wish people would wake up to that con as well.

    Even peace may be purchased at too high a price, and the only time you are completely safe is when you lie in the grave.

  • JyiigaJyiiga Member UncommonPosts: 1,180

    I've got 45 free days of time on DCUO right now. I was using it to get a nice feel for the game again. When it all boils down I am much more interested in COX. DCUO has one thing going for it, the combat is fun and interactive. I adore the twitchy combat.

    The issue is I like my character to be "my" character and "my" concept.  If I want to throw together my own design, I want the tools to do it. If I want to mimic an existing DC char, I want the tools to do it. This is the area that DCUO still falls flat on its face. It lacks very basic power concepts.. If I want to play something like Superman or Wonder Woman.. It suggets things like Ice or Mental. I am sorry, but that is just DUMB.

    The two older comic books MMOs give me way way more options.

  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Member UncommonPosts: 2,156

    Surprising, considering it's SOE which aren't known for this type of thing.

    Yeah that's quick indeed, the game has only been out half a year?


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