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abistarabistar Member UncommonPosts: 92

Both great games, which I loved...played years back..but I wonder, how is the population in both games? I would hate to run around in ghost like starter areas because either the server is near empty or it's all high level people and don;t care for newbies. For all you current players out there for both these tittles, could you help me out here?


  • schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110

    I played back when they released Abyssal or w/e for FFXI and there was a huge guild forming for returning players... Although I didnt last very long in that game so can't speak for it very much,


    As a time waster, I downloaded the daoc trial last night and hopped on for about 10 minutes, say a handfull of other players in the Albion starter area.  I think I might just resub to this game for a month and powerlevel til endgame for the RvR I have missed so much over the years.  Hope this helps!  Twain Server 1 by the way

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332

    I never liked DAOC at all and i just quit FFXI.

    They managed to completely ruin ffxi in one swoop.There is no more grouping or real purpose to a linkshell.

    Now the game is jus t3-4 zones to quickly get enmd game level then randomly join alliances for abyssea.The 1-90 game serves absolutely no purpose at all,they managed the ruin the main part of the game,as you can by pass it in 3 days if you want.Everything else is a waste of time as well,it is only about abyssea now the entire rest of the game is a ghost town.

    Not only did the yruin the ride of getting to end level,they made it so everyone fights easy prey,so no challenge what so ever.It was getting so pathetic that players were all doing retarded damage numbers if you had the Abyssea drops or whateveer they were called i already forget.{Atma}

    I won't ever touch ffxi again,it is all setup to be like one big Dynamis run,there is no fun to the game anymore.Even in those Alliances it is just a bunch of random playstyle,nobody cares what buff or what you have going on just so long as there is a player or two dealing out insane dmg to make the  fights super easy.

    Paladin a tank right?I havn't got time to mention how they ruined some classes completely and made nonsense of the rest.

    It's no wonder FFXIV turned out the way it did,there has been some really clueless people making decisions at Square for quite some time now.

    I lost so much respect for Square now ,i won't buy any of their games,i tried the last few and all rubbish,they lost their touch big time.

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  • KhrymsonKhrymson Member UncommonPosts: 3,090

    I would say FFXI, the core greatness is still there, even though its mostly obsolete due to abyssea.  And the population is much larger in XI.  If you take your time and enjoy the journey as it was originally intended you should have some fun, and while most xones have become vacant, there are still players out there willing to party at old camps if you look hard enough.


    Unfortunatly, most of the storyline content that required groups is damn near impossible to find help for, at their intended level, so it'd be best to just get to 95, then go back and solo/duo them.  The quests and missions are still amazing as ever and worth playing through them regardless of how you had to unlock access to see them.

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